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City Series

With community a central theme to Make48's success, its foundational institution is the City Series competitions.  In each City Competition, Make48 will bring together Universities, Makerspaces, Local Innovators and Corporate Partners to pit eight teams against each other in good spirited competition. These events are not filmed for our documentary, but the winning team from each city competition will move on to compete at the Nationals, which is filmed for our next season of Make48 on PBS.  Everyone has big ideas.  We give them the tools to make them a reality.  

Upcoming Events:

Wichita, KS June 24-26, 2021
 Challenge Theme: Sustainability & Environmental Stewardship-Doing More with Less
Committed Influencers: Izzy Swan @izzyswan_woodworking, Jess Crow @crowcreekdesigns, Wes Lewis @jameswesleyfurniture

Madison WI August 12-14, 2021
Challenge Theme: Outdoor Play

Committed Influencers: Katie Freeman @freemanfurnishings, Anika Gandhi @anikasdiylife, Joanie Sprague @joaniesprague, Caleb Harris @youcanmakethistoo, Brandy Aubé @brandy.studioaube, & Jef & Jess Behnke @twomoosedesign

Indianapolis, IN September 23-25, 2021
Challenge Theme: Empowering Health @ Home

Committed Influencers: Izzy Swan @izzyswan_woodworking and Jess Crow @crowcreekdesigns

Hartford, CT October 7-9, 2021
Challenge Theme: Outdoor Lifestyle

Committed Influencers: Andy Klein @aklein2303, Ethan Carter @ethancarterdesigns, Andrea Fandetti @craftswithdre and Lucas Mann D'Angelo @mannmadeinma

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Make48 Role

  • Make a 3 minute sizzle and 27 minute video. The intro of each video is powered by the LEAD sponsor for that City event

  • Plan is to have everyone (contestants, sponsors, influencers) share the 3 minute sizzle on their OWN channels

  • Have the 27 minute video played only on local news stations and Make48's YouTube channel

  • Secure 3 Influencers to be involved in each event with different size followings (High, Med and Low)

  • Secure 3 sponsors to help offset some costs of the Influencers (Each sponsor gets one YouTuber to work with and the Influencer must agree to use the sponsor's product.)

  • Discuss with Influencers what social channels make most sense to promote on

  • Supply Influencer and Sponsor with Raw Footage of the Influencer's involvement in Make48 and usage of Sponsor's product

  • Make48 will boost the promotion of the 27-minute video


Influencer Role

  • 2-4 day time commitment for event

  • Primarily acts as a tool tech and helps build projects for the teams competing at the event (alongside other general makers/tool techs)

  • Posts on their own channels with photos and lives during the event

  • Wear supplied Make48 gear during the events

  • Does a Giveaway on the Influencer's Instagram or similar with the sponsor's product. (Giveaway lasts for 7 days)

  • Filmed by Make48's team, a planned "Tips and Tricks" vignette using the sponsor's product that will be featured in the 27-minute video. (approx. one minute in length - Minimum investment required)

  • 2 weeks after the event (once the 3-minute highlight is ready), Influencer creates a custom message (including mention of thanks to their sponsor) and shares the 3-minute highlight and post on Feed

  • 4 weeks after the event, Influencer releases a custom 1-2 minute video (self created) on their YouTube channel (using the Make48 raw footage supplied to them) explaining their involvement at the event and letting people know to click the link and watch the full episode at Make48's YouTube channel (This video will also include a thanks to their sponsor)

  • Cannot bring in 3rd party sponsors unless approved by Make48.

Sponsor Benefits

  • Product usage during the event by all Tool Techs

  • Special logo thanks at the end of the sizzle and 27-minute video with logo

  • 1-minute "tips and tricks" within the 27-minute video with their preferred influencer showcasing their product (Minimum investment required)

  • Special thanks from the Influencer when launching the 3-minute video

  • Special thanks from the Influencer on the custom YouTube video they released encouraging people to watch the final 27-minute video

  • Tickets to attend event and network or help


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