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Onshape is Make48's CAD software for 2022!

Onshape is the only cloud-native product development solution that integrates CAD, data management, and analytics in one platform. Onshape lets designers and engineers access their design documents and collaborate from anywhere, and on any device, including tablet and iPhone. 


Today, Onshape is the #1 fastest growing CAD system in the world, growing at 7x the rate of the CAD industry overall. With over 2 million users worldwide, leading companies across the globe rely on Onshape to streamline and optimize their product development process.

Onshape Logo
A woman and a man meeting to discuss a CAD design image on their computer screen in a meeting room

See it in Action

At all our 2022 events, Onshape will be used to create the teams designs after they are given the challenge.   Onshape will have dedicated tool techs there to assist each team and we'll get to watch the teams ideas come to life!

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