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Make48 signs with Blåkläder, Europe's leading workwear brand

Make48 is proud to announce the partnership with Blåkläder to supply our makers with their workwear gear! During our events, our tool techs and makers work around the clock making sure teams get their prototypes done. Here in the USA, makers work in various conditions and need to be comfortable. "That's why we wanted to partner with a quality brand that could supply clothing that guarantees function and quality. I've been a huge fan of the brand for 10 years after purchasing one of their jackets. It's held up so well, even through the harsh conditions of farming," Make48 CEO, Tom Gray states.

To celebrate, we’ll be sharing some of these pieces with our Instagram community and decking out 50 makers to test the workwear!

Not familiar with Blåkläder? Blåkläder (Blaklader) is one of Sweden’s leading producers of heavy duty workwear clothing. With a lifetime warranty on all their seams, the professional workwear company has been a beacon of functionality since 1959.

A few of the pieces are being worn by Amy, Courtney and Tom (see below) working out at the Make48 farm headquarters. Blåkläder workwear is designed to protect you from tough environments like a farm, workshop, building site and more. Soon you’ll see your favorite makers sporting this gear! CJ Miller, Blåkläder’s North America Marketing Coordinator, spoke to us about the revolutionary company and their new partnership with Make48.

How long has Blåkläder been producing workwear?

Blåkläder is a privately owned company that has been designing and manufacturing workwear since 1959.

Blåkläder touts itself as a revolutionary clothing company. Can you explain how it is revolutionary?

What makes Blåkläder so revolutionary is the functionality that we pour into every item that we make. Ordinary “workwear” in North America is really just the same stuff we wear everyday, (Jeans, Carhartt, Dickies, sweatpants…etc.) Some of these items are built “tougher” but that’s where the innovation ends.

To combat that thinking, Blåkläder has rethought the very idea of workwear. Our pants are built with more modern materials like CORDURA and Ripstop, they are reinforced in the main wear areas, but not in the areas that don’t need it. This results in a better fit and allows for easy movement and mobility on the jobsite. We’ve added in extra features like built-in kneepads, integrated tool belt pockets, strategically placed reinforced belt loops and folded pockets.

These innovations help create what we believe to be the new standard in workwear. This is what everyone should be wearing. It’s just superior.

What are some of Blåkläder’s most popular products?

In recent years, the Ripstop Series (1690, 1691) has become our most popular selection. The item that really shows the most functionality, durability and sustainability is probably the X1600 Craftsman pant or the 1691 Ripstop pant.

What can Make48 fans see in the branded Make48 clothing line and how many pieces will be created?

We are planning to offer T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and a pair of our most functional pants with kneepads to the Make48 product list. These items will be branded with the Make48 logo and will be quality items that team members and fans will WANT to wear.

Make48 works with some of the leading makers that put clothing to the ultimate test...what makes you excited about this partnership?

We are thrilled to partner with Make48 because we feel a shared vision in innovation and trying to find new ways to do things better. It will also help us get our products in the hands of more real people doing real work. Our products are designed and tested on the jobsite so we can’t wait to get our gear in the hands of people who will truly appreciate it.

Our co-founder has owned your heavy fleece jacket for over 10 years. He is one of your biggest advocates on quality. How important is it to Blåkläder to continue to lead in the toughest workwear?

Durability is just one part of what we do. Each of our products is built with a balance of Functionality, Durability, Design and Sustainability. It is critical that each item has a balance here. If you go too heavy on durability, you may lose some comfort and mobility which hinders functionality. Going too heavy on design and aesthetics can mean you lose on the durability or functionality side. Durability is very important to us, but only as long as it allows you to do your job better, longer… which will lead to fewer garments needed, which means fewer garments manufactured, which is ultimately more sustainable.

Blåkläder is a Swedish company and is starting to get some traction as an up-and-coming brand in the USA. Who's your ideal user and which market will you aim to make in-roads with in the next 5 years in the USA?

Here in North America, we have a large presence in the commercial construction and wind industries. This is a huge part of our customer base, but over the next 5 years we want to get Blåkläder in the hands of more individual builders, creators, and innovators.

Our product is best suited for people who put a high value on the quality of their work and the image that they put out to the world. The tools we create in workwear are invaluable for the construction professional who wants to work smarter AND harder. Our gear can help them save time, money and wear and tear on their bodies.

We love their gear. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to see what we're doing with it!

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