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Eli Lilly & Co. | Indianapolis City Series Challenge Sponsor

Global health issues have been leading headlines for obvious reasons. From coronavirus to digital health to advocacy and healthcare access, there are many issues for the world to solve.

Our Indianapolis challenge sponsor makes life better for over 44 million people around the world who depend on their medicines. For more than a century, Eli Lilly and Company has strived to create and deliver innovative medicines that enable people to live longer, healthier and more active lives.

It makes sense that our challenge theme at Machnye in September is Empowering Health @ Home. 8 teams will work on an idea to bring health and wellness care to underserved and rural homes.

For this challenge, collaboration is the key to success. Many people have big ideas but few possess the resources to develop a prototype that turns them into reality. To build anything, different skills, materials and equipment must work together to create a final product. In partnership with 16 Tech and Machyne, Make48 allows this process to be achieved with a fun, fast-paced, and educational event. The first place team wins $2000 and the top two winning teams advance to the nationals in March 2022.

For more than a century, Eli Lilly and Co. has stayed true to a core set of values – excellence, integrity, and respect for people – while discovering medicines that meet real needs, improving the understanding and management of disease, and giving back to communities through philanthropy and volunteerism.

Eli Lilly is a U.S. global leader when it comes to innovation in healthcare due to their policy framework that supports innovation and risk-taking investments, and the dedication to discovering new treatments to help people.

Today’s health challenges are complex and can seem daunting, but Lilly is rising to the challenge and making long-term investments in innovation to solve some of the world’s most significant health challenges. In each new investment in innovation, they are motivated by one thing: making life better for millions of people worldwide.

Today the company remains true to that mission. Visit the links below to learn more about Lilly’s impact on local and global communities.

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