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First Make48 "Spirit Stick" Competition At Nationals

After the holiday’s, our team got together on how to build the spirit of friendly competition leading up to Nationals. We wanted to get everybody’s competitive juices flowing and recognize our outstanding contestants by awarding a “Spirit Stick.” Teams, makerspaces and sponsors had the chance to participate in a promo contest for the 6th National finalé with a special award.

Make48 awarded the “Spirit Stick” to the top team who brought the most Make48 spirit to their social media posts! A few of the things they were judged on were; originality, awareness, interaction, and spunk. With 1 month to complete the contest, it was a fantastic race to the end. Teams had up through the 48 hours to post and share stories, but at the end one team led the pack. BruWin took home the first Make48 “Spirit Stick!”

Team BruWin Takes home Make48's Spirit Stick!

BruWin won a custom-made Spirit Stick created by Joel Gordon (Matterhackers) at UMKC, a Kansas City gift pack, and a dinner experience with Make48’s CEO, Tom Gray! Les, Galen, Allen and Evan are from North Little Rock and worked hard for the Spirit Stick. On top of the numerous posts and stories, Les and Evan appeared with Errin Stanger (Innovation Hub) on Little Rock’s KARK-Channel 4. The Innovation Hub, their makerspace host, posted on behalf of BruWin to grab those points for them. BruWin’s win relied on their community and they came through.

BruWin still has to choose their dining experience with Tom. Safe to say, it won’t be a vegetarian meal. The team is pumped to head to a steakhouse in the Little Rock area. To see the 2023 posts, visit Instagram or Facebook and type in the hashtag #m48spiritaward to get inspired by the creative ideas teams came up with!

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