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Goodbye 2020

Happy Holidays! Farewell to 2020 and Cheers to 2021 – who needs a cup of our special eggnog!?! We all deserve a big cup after this unprecedented year. It was a very difficult time, but a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who pitched in. From amazing stories of makerspaces around the country making PPE in the fight against Covid-19, to teachers and parents at home, responsible for their children’s education during a crisis. It was truly a year of working together.

Season 4

Speaking of working together, this year the Make48 team was busy. We were so lucky to have the Season 4 event filmed just one week before the pandemic shut down around the country. Our producers at Outpost Worldwide and KWTU produced and distributed the docuseries in six months. If you haven’t watched yet, head over to watch all the episodes here! The whole team did amazing work to get the finished product to our viewers in time for the fall schedule.

Maker Series

Earlier this year we didn’t know what was to come due to Covid and our CEO had to quickly make a contingency plan for the future. Tom Gray reached out to Kristin Stockdale, the founder and president of WORKBENCHcon and together we’ve filmed two episodes of the YouTube Maker Series.

In October, we filmed the first episode with YouTubers, Izzy Swan, Meghan Baker, and Bobby Duke in Greenville, South Carolina at Izzy’s personal workshop, the Maker’s Playground. The small, private event was designed to raise awareness for Stanley Black & Decker and Autism Speaks’ collaborative efforts to create job opportunities for people with autism. Filmed in collaboration with Make48 & WORKBENCHCon, you can now watch a sizzle reel of the first episode of the Maker Series. Visit YouTube Maker Series #1

In November we went south to Canyon Lake, Texas and met with April Wilkerson at her personal workshop, The Wood Shed. Watch the teaser for YouTube Maker Series #2. April invited Louisiana maker Brandy Aubé to work with her on a tribute piece for the River Kelly Fund. Visit our blog to see more.

Make48 in 2021

Next year will be unusual. With our world not entirely back on its feet, our team is keeping it small until it’s safe. In January we’ll be working with Jimmy DiResta and Operation Breakthrough for the third Maker Series project.

Also our City Event Series will begin mid-year of 2021. Katie Cappozzo, our new Head of Strategic Partnerships, is set to lead the program into cities across the country. Next year, ten makerspaces will conduct their own Make48 event for residents in their town, with the winners of each city going to the National event (filmed for PBS). We’re so excited to see this unfold!

Thank you for your continued support throughout the year. We have been lucky enough to have our health and loved ones with us in 2020, and that is all we can ask for this year! Let’s cross our fingers that 2021 will be a bit brighter and we look forward to seeing everyone in the new year!

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