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Meet Katie Freeman - Make48 Madison Tool Tech

Katie Freeman is the owner of Freeman Furnishings, the Iowa City furniture design store. Katie is a self-employed artist, content creator and designer. She was featured on the cover of Popular Woodworking this year with an article she wrote on how to power carve a sculpted table. *see here

Katie has been a Maker for several years and encourages others to start their own making journey. A content creator for 4 years, and a serious woodworker for over 9 years, Katie is all about striving to push the world of furniture design using mixed media such as wood, metal and resin.

To help others on their way to becoming a maker, Katie produces content such as DIY tutorial blogs, YouTube videos and hosts a weekly podcast called Crafting A Revolution, where she interviews real life Wonder Women and shares their stories to her community.

Here are a few fun facts about Kate!

  • Played the viola for 8 years

  • Used to be a wedding videographer

  • Has a popular TikTok channel

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