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See the Kickstarter from a former Make48 contestant

We have some news to share from one of our contestants from Season 4. Sam Wechsler from team InvenTROY has released a Kickstarter, the CoffeeClip, Spoontula & TeableSpoon XL6 Kickstarter. Three multi-tools that save time and space in your kitchen to make cooking a more enjoyable experience.

Sam is an entrepreneur, engineer and product developer. He machined his first wooden spoons as gifts in high school shop class. Things have come full circle when he couldn't find any measuring spoons, and decided to integrate them into a stirring spoon.

The CoffeeClip, Spoontula, and TeableSpoon XL6 are three multi-tools with teaspoon and tablespoon measurements incorporated into each product, designed to eliminate the need for extra utensils while cooking.

With the CoffeeClip, Spoontula, and TeableSpoon XL6, you’ll save time cooking, simplify your kitchen, and make cooking a more enjoyable and seamless experience!

The CoffeeClip conveniently doubles as a coffee scoop to seal and measure your coffee with just one tool. Equipped with one teaspoon and one tablespoon, CoffeeClip is perfect for measuring out your coffee, sugar, or other bagged goods.

Spoontula is an all-in-one measuring spoon and spatula and is the perfect tool for measuring, mixing, scraping and flipping. The durable silicone head features a flexible curved edge to scrape bowls clean, while the wooden handle creates rigidity for thick batters and doughs.

With the updated TeableSpoon XL6, you can portion out pasta, measure spices, and stir sauces or soups, all with one spoon. TeableSpoon’s handle has a hole for measuring one serving of pasta, and is for convenient hanging in any space – big or small. You’ll only need one measuring and stirring spoon for most recipes. Reduce the time spent searching for different tools and cleaning up!

Save space, simplify and make cooking fun while supporting a home inventor!

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