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Stellar Tech Girls Shine Bright as Make48 Season 6 National Winners

The Make48 Season 6 competition recently concluded on This Old House Makers Channel (Roku), showcasing the incredible talents of seven teams representing their hometowns. With a tight deadline of 48 hours to brainstorm, design, and create brand-new prototypes, the pressure was on for these teams participating in the "Animal Wellness & Transport" challenge hosted by T-Mobile at the University of Missouri-Kansas City's Innovation Studio.

The judging panel, consisting of Kevin O’Connor (This Old House), Kevin Mako (Mako Design+Invent), and Wendy Byram (T-Mobile), had the difficult task of evaluating the innovative ideas presented by the contestants. After careful consideration, the first-place team was announced—the Stellar Tech Girls and their idea RECUPERCRATE won the judges over.

The winning team, composed of Marina Bloomer, Keerthi Peddinti, Ella Burmania, and Nina Chan, emerged victorious, securing the title of Make48 Season 6 National winners. In addition to the prestige, the team received an award of $10,000, along with bragging rights and a unique handmade trophy crafted by their team of tool techs.

4 team members from stellar tech girls win season 6
Stellar Tech Girls Win Season 6 of Make48

Stellar Tech Girls is a company dedicated to inspiring and empowering girls and nonbinary kids, encouraging them to recognize their potential as engineers. Marina, an aerospace engineer and STEM advocate, led a team consisting of high school students and camp counselors Keerthi, Ella, and Nina.

The team's passion encompasses a wide range of fields, including computer engineering, electronics, medical research, and aerospace. Above all, they are committed to inspiring young minds, particularly girls, to explore and excel in STEM disciplines. Fellow tech girl, Ella Burmania, expressed her shock and joy at their victory, “Knowing that you can try something new and succeed at it, it gives you confidence going into other challenges in life.”

The Make48 Season 6 competition not only showcased the impressive problem-solving abilities of the Stellar Tech Girls but also highlighted the importance of fostering diversity and inclusion in STEM fields. Teammate Keerthi Peddinti shared some words of wisdom after the competition. “Don't be afraid to take the chance to go forward with whatever idea you have, because any idea is a start for anything.”

As champions, Marina and her team not only brought home the big prize but are also leaving a lasting impact on the STEM community, inspiring future generations to reach for the stars.

Marina Bloomer, the founder of Stellar Tech Girls based in Madison, WI, expressed her excitement about the victory right after the competition, “I'm so proud of them. Look at what they can accomplish. I'm going to cry again. I'm so proud of them.” Their success resonates as a powerful narrative that encourages young minds.

Let’s give this talented all-girls team a hand at winning the Sixth Season of Make48! Their triumph in Make48 Season 6 not only celebrates their exceptional problem-solving skills but also underscores the importance of empowering and encouraging underrepresented groups in STEM. As we applaud this talented all-girls team for their victory, we also celebrate their role in shaping a future where the stars are within reach for everyone, regardless of gender or background.

Stellar Tech Girls with Make48 team
Tom and Amy Gray pose with winning team The Stellar Tech Girls

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