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The Lincoln Academy to Host Make48 Competition

From August 11-13th, Make48 will be in Beloit, Wisconsin with a new crop of competitors and a brand new challenge.

Last November, The Lincoln Academy (a K4-12 charter school) hosted the first 48-hour competition in Beloit. It was the perfect location to hold an innovation challenge. Besides classrooms, TLA incorporates exploratory spaces for students to seek a variety of disciplines including music, art, computer science, agriculture, welding, woodworking and STEM.

The Lincoln Academy Hosted Make48 in 2022

TLA has a strong academic focus, a joyful culture and high expectations for scholars and staff. Teams will have access to The Lincoln Academy’s technology & engineering center with a makerspace full of equipment and tools to fabricate their ideas, alongside a group of Tool Techs and mentors to assist them. Teams will collaborate and bring their idea to fruition in just 2 days.

What sets TLA apart from other schools is the people of Beloit. Companies, entrepreneurs and organizations have come together to bring Make48 to the charming community with a vibrant history. An astonishing 1,500+ patents have been born out of Beloit, including the first cheese curl (modern day cheetos). The early days of Beloit were composed of settlers from many nationalities, and its location was a way-station on the Underground Railroad that drew many African Americans to the area.

Last year, the competition was fierce and the prototypes surpassed all expectations. Beloit College students, Eric Seo, Sydney Felhofer, Joshua Laue and Aleksander Mytko won first place and represented Beloit at Nationals. Who will take the torch this year? Stay tuned to meet the teams who will compete this summer. It will be a great competition for the teams with the support of Rock County and Beloit citizens behind them, cheering them all the way to Nationals.

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