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UW Stout Embarks On A Make48 Competition Journey This Weekend!

The University of Wisconsin-Stout (UW-Stout) is gearing up to host its very own Make48 competition on October 27, bringing together high school teams from across Northwestern Wisconsin for a unique 48-hour challenge. This event will not only showcase innovation but also foster collaboration and applied learning, all while strengthening local ties. Learn more about the community of Menomonie and its ties to UW Stout here - Menomonie: Making Memories Off-Campus

UW Stout building on campus at sunset
The University of Wisconsin-Stout (UW-Stout)

The upcoming Make48 competition promises to be a celebration of creativity, collaboration, and the pursuit of a brighter future for all. Here's what you need to know about this event:

3M Menomonie is proud to announce its role as the Challenge Sponsor for the UW-Stout competition, demonstrating its commitment to nurturing innovation and supporting local communities. 3M Menomonie's partnership with UW-Stout as the Challenge Sponsor showcases its dedication to nurturing innovation, supporting local communities, and inspiring the next generation of inventors and problem solvers.

The event will feature six high school teams from various counties in Northwestern Wisconsin. These teams will converge at UW-Stout's FabLab to tackle a 48-hour challenge, where they will be tasked with solving a real-world problem by designing a product. The talented UW-Stout students, who are trained to operate the equipment in the FabLab, will provide direct support to the high school teams, giving them hands on experience in prototype fabrication.

The 6 teams competing include: Boards 'N Bots (School: Chippewa Falls High School: Everett Sarauer, Brett Schaeffer, Megan Schutte, and Elleana Kenney); Altoona Makers (School: Altoona High School: Jeff Ballentine, Aaron Nujtxeeg Xiong, Kaylee Belisle, and Logan Kelley); Wenzel's Workers (School: St. Croix Central High School - Tyce Todd, Gavin Hawkins, Toby Lindstrom, and Brady Jackman); Weekend Warriors (School: Neillsville High School): Mark Brommer, Armin De La Cruz, Cameron Waters, and Zachary Magnus); JeffSmart ( School: Amery High School: Mike Rose, Brodrick Malon, Carter M. Kurtzhals, and Alex Kegley); and Menomonie Mustangs (School: Menomonie High School: Kajsiab Xiong, Enzo Parent, Jack Andresen, and Pajci Xiong)

UW-Stout, Wisconsin's only Polytechnic University, is dedicated to preparing the next generation of workforce leaders by combining applied learning, research, business and industry collaboration, and career-focused experiences. Hands-on learning is a key aspect of education, with labs and studios outnumbering traditional classrooms 3 to 1. The university's approach includes early engagement with business and industry partners through project-based learning, internships, fieldwork, and practical research.

The ideas and collaborations to come out of this matchup will be awe-inspiring. This collaborative event ensures that the competition not only fosters innovation but also builds strong local connections through the support of local industries and economic development corporations. To learn more about the UW-Stout Make48 competition, you can visit the web page here.

This event is a remarkable example of how educational institutions and local businesses can come together to encourage innovation and practical learning while benefiting the community and the future workforce.

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