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What Will Teams Expect To See At The North Little Rock Event?

In a few hours, the Make48 competition will bring makers together to build a project for the City of North Little Rock. Teams from the community will compete at the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub, Arkansas' first makerspace! North Little Rock's Economic Development is the challenge sponsor and the challenge theme is significant. The Trail of Tears took place across the US after the forced relocation of Southeast Indian Tribes and the Cherokee Nation specifically. The city of NLR is building a memorial in their Riverfront Park and the teams will learn how they will be a part in honoring the tribes.

Since their opening in 2014, the AR Innovation Hub has been a vital partner for the City of North Little Rock. They are dedicated to educating and inspiring their community of creatives, techies and entrepreneurs. Located in downtown North Little Rock, teams and tool techs will work together for 48 hours to build a memorial that will commemorate the Trail Of Tears.

Errin Stanger is the Director at the Innovation Hub and helped bring the invention competition to town. Errin, and her HUB team, will work with the teams and techs to bring their ideas to life in a short space of time. A few of the Tool Techs you know and will be returning to assist the teams, while some of the techs are brand new to the program.

Returning for another Make48 event includes Lizzy Cook (The House of Timber), Caleb Harris (YouCanMakeThisToo), Chris Burns (ShopBot Tools), Luis Rodriguez (Ultimaker) and Joel Gordon (MatterHackers). We’ll also have technicians from Airgas, Onshape, and Fastenal to help teams design their prototypes.

Some of North Little Rock’s finest entrepreneurs and businesses will also volunteer their time to guide the teams. Employees from UAPTC, AR Conductor, Matters in Motion, First Formed, and the Innovation Hub team will be Tool Techs at the competition. Notable Arkansas brands and companies are lending a helping hand by sponsoring the first AR event such as; Acxiom, The University of Arkansas - Pulaski Technical College, First Orion, Alessi Keyes Construction, Argenta Wealth Management, North Little Rock Public Library System, Economics Arkansas, First Security Bank and Heartland Forward. [Read More Here] North Little Rock’s Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development is sponsoring the community challenge.

We’re looking forward to meeting all the teams and the supporters of the FIRST Make48 event in the state. Follow us on social media throughout the weekend and watch the teams and technicians create a memorable experience for the residents of North Little Rock.

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