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Indianapolis, IN

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Empowering Health@Home

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What happened in Indy? Watch these!

Participate in this game-changing event taking place in Indy’s innovation district!

Make48 is a 48-hour competition where teams are presented with a challenge and tasked to build a physical prototype, create a sales sheet, produce a 1-minute marketing video and pitch their big idea to a panel of judges. 


This fall, Make48 will host the competition at Machyne, a 21st century makerspace located within the 16 Tech Innovation District in downtown Indianapolis. With access to expert tool technicians and high-tech equipment, competing teams will have the power to build almost anything.


For this challenge, collaboration is the key to success. Many people have big ideas but few possess the resources to develop a prototype that turns them into reality. To build anything, different skills, materials and equipment must work together to create a final product. In partnership with 16 Tech and Machyne, Make48 allows this process to be achieved with a fun, fast-paced, and educational event. First place team wins $2000 and advances to the nationals in March 2022.

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16 Tech Innovation District is a 50-acre live-work-innovate community in downtown Indianapolis. Innovators and entrepreneurs in the fields of life sciences, advanced manufacturing and technology come together to channel their combined creative energy to power Central Indiana’s future economic growth. Machyne, the makerspace at 16 Tech, provides the support, resources and tools needed to bring big those ideas to life. 

Event Date: September 23-25, 2021


Team Application

We’re seeking diverse teams to compete in Make48 Indianapolis. Team members may be of any age and must be residents of Central Indiana. The spirit of innovation is within us all - let’s see what you’re capable of creating! Click here to see team requirements.

First place team wins $2000 and advances to the nationals in March 2022.

Applications Close Aug 6, 2021


Sponsor The Event

Make48 is made possible with generous support from our sponsors. Celebrate the maker-mindset and engage with your community in an impactful way by sponsoring this event. A variety of investment levels are available.



Tool-Tech Application

Tool-Techs are essential for competing teams to achieve success. Offer your expertise and professional skill by volunteering your time as a Tool-Tech. 



Volunteer Application

The energy of these dynamic events is contagious and to execute them flawlessly we need your help! Volunteer to support the event in a number of ways from helping with setup to registering teams as they arrive.


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Who's Making in Indy

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Team Bios

Two team members from Maker Playground


Meet Cassy and Daniel from Maker Playground makerspace in Fisher, Indiana. They’re both looking forward to using their skill sets in the 48-hour competition! 

Four member team from


Welcome Ivan, Samuel, Miles and Anya to Make48! Dr. Ivan Hicks founded, an urban co-working space in Northwest Indianapolis and the team is looking forward to developing a winning idea.

four team members from Team Asclepius


Named after the Greek God for healing, Team Asclepius have a background in medicine and are passionate about helping people. Meet Nick, Brian, Timothy and Sachin!

three team members from team Loose Screws


Meet the dads with engineering backgrounds, Herb, Chris and Ryan. This trio is excited to create a new idea for their Indiana neighbors!

four team members from team Fit Designs


Dylan, Robert, Roman and Joe are extremely excited to join the other teams at Machyne this Fall and collaborate with others! Introducing Fit Designs!

four team members from team The Mallorys


Meet The Mallorys! Andy, Amanda, Drew and Gregg are educators and a maker family who are ready to put into practice what they teach.

4 team members from team One Hale of A Team


Meet family members Lavinia, Hyrum, Joseph and Lenora from One Hale of a Team! Lavinia is the mother of 8 creative makers and we can’t wait to see what they come up with!

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