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Make48 goes to college.
Coming 2023

Host Make48 at your college and recruit the best!

Make48 is a 48-hour competition where teams are presented with a challenge and tasked to build a physical prototype, create a sales sheet, produce a 1-minute marketing video and pitch their idea to a panel of judges. Participants are supported by a team of tool technicians in a Makerspace full of equipment and tools to help them build nearly any solution their imaginations can conceive.

Collaboration is the key to success.

In real life, everyone has big ideas, but only about 5% have the skills either physically or digitally to make a prototype. To build complex solutions you need collaboration, often many different materials and various pieces of equipment to finish a product. Make48 accelerates the process in a fun, fast-moving, and educational event!

Host College Benefits

Recruitment opportunity to highlight the benefits of attending your college or university and connect high schools in your community and across the country

A new way to connect with industry to find the next round of well prepared talent

Hands-on experience for your College students as tool and digital media techs assisting high school students build prototypes and documenting the event or for your students to participate on a team

Work closely with businesses to identify an industry problem and offer students real world experience

Or partner with local nonprofit organizations to solve community problems and offer students a one of a kind service opportunity

Ideal to have corporate/foundations see the makerspace for future sponsor opportunities

Potential for local media coverage

Event cost generally paid by sponsorships