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  • Who can apply?
    Anyone! Team members do not need to have any product development experience to apply. We think your fresh perspective is valuable. What we’re looking for are passionate people who are up for a challenge, excited to put themselves out there to solve a problem and make improvements to existing products, eager to learn, collaborate, and willing to be flexible. Have you ever thought “If only there was a…” or “This is what would make this better…” YOU are Make48 material.
  • Do I bring product I've already created or do we create a new one?
    Create a new one! Each competition has a product theme and this is what you look into to create your brand new prototype. Take a look at past competition themes on our competition webpages!
  • Suppose I've never made a prototype and don't have much experience with tools?
    You need not worry! Make48 Tool-Techs and industry experts will be on hand in our fabrication labs throughout the weekend to educate and guide you, as well as provide hands-on help to create a physical representation of your product idea.
  • Do I need a professionally made video for my presentation?
    When you make a video, you will discover how easy it really is to do! Which will come in handy later on, during the last stage of the competition, when you make a short promo video for your new product idea.
  • Who owns what I create?
    The Challenge Sponsor. Any innovation (and ensuing intellectual property) you come up with, the competitions Challenge Sponsor has the first right of refusal to it. Once accepted as a finalist, you’ll receive a team packet with documentation detailing these specifics.
  • What does my team need to bring to the competition?
    We recommend bringing a laptop, because during the initial stage of the competition, your team will use the Internet to study the marketplace.
  • What is the criteria for the winning teams?
    We are looking for product ideas that are highly marketable. Highly marketable ideas have a point of difference. Please note that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel — just have an idea that is unique enough. Highly marketable ideas appeal to larger markets and are able to be manufactured. The winning team will also have met the challenge presented at the beginning of the weekend. Our judging criteria includes: • Product Originality • Problem Solution • Target Audience • Competition • Marketability • Manufacturing Ease • Expandable/Options • Packaging • Potential Selling Price/Margins • Product Demonstration
  • Do you have recommendations for lodging?
    For our most of our competitions, we recommend you staying at your own home as the location is in your city. If you are further out from the competition, we can discuss options for your accomodation. For the Nationals Competition, we will assist teams with options varying in cost and proximity to the event location. Although this is a 48 hour competition, weekend lodging for your team, near the event, is highly recommended as you may not stay at the makerspace overnight.
  • Can our team bring our own mobileshop / workspace, tent, or vehicle enclosed?"
    No, the host makerspace will have the tools needed for the competition.
  • Can we stay on-site?
    On-site residence is not allowed at any of our host locations. The makerspace will close overnight and that will be communicated in your team documents upon acceptance to the competition.
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