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Make48 started in 2015, the brainchild of 3 inventors and an entrepreneur from Kansas City.  The group wanted to see what would happen giving teams a finite amount of time to create a new product given a specific design challenge.

They wanted everyday people who have great ideas to be able to innovate, just like talented engineers with every machine and tool at their disposal, so they gave it a twist.  All teams have access to a makerspace full of the latest tools and the tool technicians who can build them anything.

In real life, everyone has big ideas, but only about 5% have the skills either physically or digitally to make a prototype. To build anything you need collaboration, often many different materials and various pieces of equipment to finish a product. Make48 allows this process to be achieved under a timed, fun, fast-moving, and educational event!

Message from Tom Gray-CEO

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I’ve always loved innovation.  I am passionate about helping everyday people learn the process of taking an idea that is in their head and turning it into a prototype.  

At Make48, we believe that 95% of all people have a big idea, however, only 5% have the skill, time and equipment necessary to turn their idea into a reality. 

One of our missions is to expose everyday people to their community makerspace.  A makerspace is a place where there is unlimited resources necessary to build a prototype.  These resources include tools, fabrication equipment along with the makers and technicians (the 5%) that can build things and run equipment. 

These makerspaces exist in most cities, schools and colleges. Shop class is becoming a thing of the past and although Make48 is not a traditional learning path, our competition encourages people to collaborate.  When collaboration happens, the power to take your idea from your head to your hand just got simpler. 

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