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Who we are


Make48 started and continues as the world’s largest televised invention competition. We foster invention and education through a growing community of motivated inventors and makers. Celebrating innovation, creativity, and the maker movement, Make48 is providing a stage for those to showcase their skills, present ideas and connect with others.


Built on the principles of collaboration and community, Make48 starts from the ground up by creating an innovation ecosystem. We do this by leveraging local universities, makerspaces, and corporations to bring the community alive through innovation. 


Unlocking the tools needed to build and sharing the talents of everyday people and YouTubers alike, Make48 is growing. We are bringing programming and competitions to some of the nation's most innovative cities and colleges and this is your opportunity to join a growing team.

City Ambassador

Currently seeking ambassadors for:

1) Wichita, KS

2) Indianapolis, IN

3) Hartford, CT

4) Madison, WI

5) Kansas City, MO

Job description


As a city ambassador, you will be reporting to the head of strategic partnerships and our Make48 CEO. Our City Ambassador plays 2 key roles in the grassroots development of Make48 at the local & college level.  These 2 key roles include Sponsorship Sales & Event Execution. The main Sponsorship sales responsibilities revolve around the ability to network, build relationships with current clients and bring in new clients. The main event execution responsibilities revolve around overseeing 4 licensed events per year and hosting up to 3 meet-ups with the local maker community and sponsors.

Role One- Sponsorship Sales & Client Relationships

  • Be knowledgeable or willing to learn the world of making, STEAM, entrepreneurship and innovation

  • Identify prospective clients, lead generation and conversion

  • Contact new and existing clients to discuss how they can be involved in our events as sponsors or integrated sponsors

  • Develop relationships with local makerspaces, colleges, and community organizations

  • Network within community to build a trusted name for Make48

  • Maintain contact lists within company software and follow up with clients to continue and build relationships

  • Be knowledgeable and willing to learn how to answer questions about our events

  • Negotiate prices and terms and prepare sales agreements

  • Oversee and present full impact reports to Sponsors every quarter and year-end

  • Must be self disciplined and able to work remotely and independently while meeting targets. This includes:

  • Prompt communication and responsiveness to clients and team members

  • Must be available during client’s business hours, typically 8am-4pm CST. Position will require work after hours and on weekends. 

  • Daily/weekly meetings and reporting to Sales Leader

  • Asking for help if needed without delay


Role Two - Event Execution

  • Attend and oversee 4 licensed events per year.

  • Report to event planning team and event director to assist in planning during months leading up to event.

  • Coordinate with the events and marketing teams to promote the event and contribute ideas.

  • Coordinate with the planning team to oversee completion of all event details, including catering, transportation and making sure event runs on time.

  • Manage local volunteer team throughout the weekend to ensure smooth operations.

  • Plan and promote up to 3 maker meetups per year at local makerspace or sponsor location. 

  • Maintain a zero alcohol policy at all Make48 events.

  • Maintain all safety standards during events. Including all Covid-19 safety requirements of those in attendance.


Qualifications and Experience

  • Outstanding time management and communication skills (including excellent spelling and grammar, problem solving, etc.)

  • Ability to speak in front of groups of 50+

  • Customer service skills. Listen to the concerns of the client and be able to address their needs

  • Interpersonal skills to work with a wide variety of people each day, build relationships and network

  • Confidence and strong self-assuredness to succeed in cold-calling clients and making a sale

  • Physical endurance as an ambassador's role during the event can be unpredictable with extended hours.

  • Must be flexible and able to pivot to new ideas and changes 

  • Must complete pre-employment testing prior to hire including: 

    • Cognitive ability assessment 

    • Personality test



  • Contractor position with base and commission

  • Opportunity to grow into other roles or relocate

  • No overtime, vacation or health insurance provided, however Make48 will work flexibly to accommodate time off as needed.

  • 3 month contract to begin

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Demand & Awareness Team

Job description


As a Demand and Awareness coordinator, you will be responsible for reaching out to Makerspaces and colleges/universities across the country, to raise awareness of our brand, events and 48-hour competitions. As part of the demand and awareness team, the coordinator's mission is to educate would-be partners about Make48's events and series, share the benefits of hosting and gain their interest in becoming a potential host location. You will work with Make48 team decision-makers on appropriating next City to execute an event. Outreach will be done either as a cold call or through introductory leads. 

Location - Kansas City


Position is part-time, with the possibility of becoming full time.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Our Demand and Awareness coordinator will research a list of 300 potential sponsors, non profits, city connectors, colleges and other educational institutions in each new City Make48 holds an event. Make48 team will reach out to list and share the awareness of 48 hour events and competitions. 

  • Lead (or assist with) our strategic outreach for teams to apply for our Make48 events, reaching out to this list and other close partners, once the event is in place.

  • Coordinator will be responsible for research, building and tracking partnerships, growing lists and executing presentations on Zoom. City demand coordinator will report to the head of strategic partnerships and CEO. 

  • Develop relationships with local makerspaces, colleges, and community organizations


Qualifications and Experience

  • Be knowledgeable or willing to learn the world of making, STEAM, entrepreneurship and innovation

  • Outstanding time management and communication skills (including excellent spelling and grammar, problem solving, etc.)

  • Work remotely from home with Zoom capabilities 

  • Network within the community to build a trusted name for Make48. 

  • Maintain contact lists within company software and follow up with clients to continue and build relationships

  • Be knowledgeable and willing to learn how to answer questions about our events

  • Ability to attend events from time to time and assist with event production.

Community Builder & Engagement Coordinator

Job description


As a community builder and engagement coordinator, you will be responsible for reaching out and collaborating with the YouTube, DIY, Maker and Inventor communities. The role will also include working with influencers, sponsor relations and social media engagement. In this role you must:

  • Be knowledgeable about the world of DIY and innovation

  • Be social media savvy and lead the company’s social engagement

  • Have experience posting and boosting multiple posts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

  • Engage with the community by grassroots outreach or with paid social ads already activated

  • Be high energy, personable etc. You will be the face of the brand at many of the events. 

  • Lead community engagement over 3 plus business verticals of Make48 beginning with -- City Series and Nationals (Filmed for PBS), 48 days (online challenges), and the College Pathway Series.


Here is where you will make an impact:

Influencer Coordinator 

  • Will work with 3 influencers at each city event (makers from YouTube, Instagram or TikTok).

  • Will create the plan of expectation, compensation, video requirements, sponsor requirements, and OTHER relationship opportunities after the event. 

  • Will be the liaison at each event and point of contact with influencers. During events, influencers are tasked with Lives, Final Video and Giveaways.


Sponsor Relations 

  • Will work closely with all sponsors marketing and social media teams to create and capture content needed.

  • Will maintain that sponsors SHARE the content to their communities in the form of social media, newsletter stories and email blasting and gather all the reach they achieved.

  • Will work with the graphic design team to create media kits.

  • Will execute social media during LIVE events.

  • Will work with the photography team to capture the shot list.


Your Skills and Expertise:

  • Develop and flourish relationships within the community prior, during and after events. 

  • Establish procedures to follow and adapt them when necessary.  

  • Lead with ideas and strategies.

  • Be willing to admit when something isn’t working and find solutions and other ideas to solve. 


Additional qualifications that could help you succeed even further in this role include:

  • Previous experience working in social media. 

  • Experience working with influencers. 

  • Experience serving as a volunteer in STEM and Skilled Trades initiatives.

  • Strong combination of communications and analytical skills.

  • Leadership qualities: Be able to grow and lead a team of employees and contractors as necessary.


Travel: May include travel up to one event per month. TBD


Resources for You:


For more details about Make48, go to or visit our FB/Instagram page @gomake48 to see more of our events and competitions.


Make48 will not discriminate against any applicant for employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or veteran status.

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