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Bring Make48 to your Classroom

Do you want your students to tackle a design challenge for a business partner in your classroom, but you don't have the tools or framework to pull it off? Make48 is thrilled to announce the development of the Make48 Innovation Experience, a flexible and adaptable set of resources and curriculum that teachers and students can use to bring the Make48 competition experience to their classroom or club!

Film crew standing next to patent attorney Andrea while they are at a team table

Why Make48?

Leveraging our expertise to bring you an experience that students and teachers will love!


Outcomes that Matter

Students develop soft skills through a consistent focus on the Agilities© by The DeBruce Foundation, as well as technical skills related to product and prototype development.


Engaging Activities

We are firm believers that people learn by doing. Students will be consistently active and engaged as they ideate and develop their own products and prototypes.


Expert Insight

Course content that is developed by and featuring entrepreneurs, makers, influencers, and other leaders in the business and education landscape. 


Proven Processes

Make48 has been hosting design challenge competitions since 2017. Our curriculum follows the same processes and techniques used by teams during our fast-paced events.


What Will You Achieve?

By the end of the experience, students will innovate a new product that solved a problem for a business partner. They'll also explore careers related to their strengths and interests through the Agilities© by The DeBruce Foundation.

tool tech standing in front of an ultimaker 3d printer with his hand on it

Product Development

From ideation to market launch, understand each phase in-depth and learn how to navigate the challenges that every entrepreneur and innovator must overcome. 

three judges sitting at a table with the middle judge holding a microphone talknig in to it

Real-World Learning

Showcase your skills and creativity by adding to your personal portfolio that speaks volumes about your capability to turn concepts into reality.

group photo of all of the tool techs standing on a blue staircase at the gocreate makerspace

Make48 Community

Become part of an exclusive community with access to tools and resources for bringing your big ideas to market!

Potential Activation Strategies
A flexible curriculum that you can adapt to meet your needs.

group photo of teams and amy, cass and tool tech joel

At Your School

As a unit of instruction or as a standalone course.

Implemented in order or "as needed".

In an new or existing class, or to provide purpose for a club.

Across Your District

Appropriate for high school and middle school.

As a method for friendly competition between schools.

Activate an Entire Region!

Real-time challenges for regional activations.

An extended Make48 competition in your community!

Are you a student?

Send your teacher or club sponsor a link to this page and bring Make48 to your school!

Are you a teacher?

Bring a real-world learning experience to your classroom that you and your students will enjoy!

Are you a business partner?

Leverage Make48 to develop relationships with your future workforce and to innovate!


Hover over each image to learn more about each module's learning objectives.

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Ready to innovate?

Fill out the form below to connect with the Make48 team about bringing the Make48 Innovation Experience to your school!

Teachers, administrators, businesses, or students are all encouraged to fill out the form below. 

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