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Make48 Roles

It Takes a Village

Make48 is a 48-hour competition where teams are given a challenge, must build a physical prototype, sales sheet, and a 1-minute marketing video, and then pitch it to judges. The twist is that we have tool technicians and access to a Makerspace full of equipment and tools to help the teams build almost anything their imaginations can come up with to solve the challenge.  Collaboration is the key to success.

We have an 8-City series where the winners of each move on to the Nationals competition fillmed for the PBS documentary the following March.

We can't do this without the support from the community in several different roles during the competition.  Scroll below to find out the details about each role.

Make48 City Events

Make48 City Events

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Your Role: You are the INDUSTRY expert, not a tool tech that will be building.  The teams will ask about manufacturing, trends, retailers, marketing, etc. You have insider TIPS on the category and should guide the teams.

Time Commitment:
Friday 11AM-6PM
Saturday 8AM-4PM
Sunday 9AM-Noon (optional)
Sunday Judging starts at 2PM

What to Wear: Avoid bright colors, Business or Business Casual, No big logos, No hats


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Focus Group

Your Role: You will be giving your o