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A Transformative Make48 VIP Experience: Gaining Perspective Through Blindness with Blind Spot KC

Recently, the Blind Spot KC organized an extraordinary VIP experience in collaboration with the Make48-Kansas State School for the Blind event. This immersive dinner, curated by Nicole and Chris Carr, aimed to provide the guests with a profound understanding of the challenges faced by visually-impaired individuals.

Two gentlemen dining with blindfolds on
KSSB Superintendent Jon Harding (left) and Tom Gray (Make48)

By blindfolding the participants throughout the evening, the Carrs successfully created an environment that allowed the guests to experience the world from a different perspective. This element of surprise added to the anticipation and allowed the participants to immerse themselves fully in the experience.

Upon arrival at the Kansas State School for the Blind, VIP guests had the opportunity to meet the teams and explore the makerspace. Following this, blindfolds were placed on all the participants, except for a few designated helpers. They were then guided to Tall Trellis Brewery in Olathe, where the dinner would take place. The blindfolds remained on throughout the evening, offering a glimpse into the lives of visually-impaired individuals, until Nicole Carr announced that participants could remove their blindfolds.

Tall Trellis Brewery (L to R) Chris Carr, Nicole Carr, Ryan Triggs, Amy and Tom Gray

A New Perspective

Among the dinner guests were the team captains, KSSB leadership, and local sponsors from corporations including Cyderes, Kadean Construction, KS Board of Education and The DeBruce Foundation.

Nich Musselman (Cyderes), Team Captain, expressed how the event opened his eyes to the difficulties faced by visually-impaired individuals. “The VIP event taught me what it's like to have to live life through a different lens. One without the visual beauty and enablement of life. It brought me closer to the kids on the teams.”

This sentiment was shared by many others, as they discovered the significance of empathy and gained a broader understanding of the visually-impaired community. The laughter that filled the night indicates that the experience was not only educational but also enjoyable. By experiencing the event without sight, the VIPs were likely able to appreciate the importance of other senses, such as touch, taste, and sound, in navigating the world.

Amy and Tom Gray (Make48) enthusiastically participated in the immersive dinner alongside their guests. Amy shared her experience, mentioning how the absence of sight heightened her other senses. “What an experience! I was uneasy from the moment I got off the bus at Tall Trellis. And although I relaxed a bit while eating, I still found it incredibly hard to have a conversation at dinner since my hearing was heightened. I was surprised by how loud it was and how hard it was to focus on the conversation at our table. It definitely gave me a better understanding of how to try to make a visually impaired person more comfortable.”

The Blind Spot KC Impact

Overall, this unique and immersive dinner organized by the Blind Spot KC achieved its intended goal of fostering empathy, understanding, and awareness among the participants. By experiencing a taste of life without sight, the guests were able to recognize the importance of other senses and gain a profound understanding of the challenges faced by visually-impaired individuals. Such initiatives are crucial in building a more inclusive, accessible and a compassionate world for the visually-impaired.

This immersive experience helped mirror the experiences of visually-impaired individuals. Nicole and Chris Carr's goal of providing a perspective from the visually-impaired is very commendable. Immersive dinners like these can be transformative, allowing participants to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by individuals with visual impairments.

Thank you very much to Nicole and Chris Carr for sponsoring an incredible VIP night. Learn more about their immersive experiences with The Blind Spot KC at

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