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Bright Minds Compete at Purdue Polytechnic Anderson This Weekend

Purdue Polytechnic Anderson will bring together Indiana's brightest young minds on July 21st to tackle the challenge of outdoor furniture at Make48. Organized by the City of Anderson and Purdue Polytechnic Anderson, Make48’s unique hands-on learning opportunity will challenge teams from local high schools to develop a working prototype in just two days.

Make48 revolutionizes the traditional product development process by condensing months of research, prototype development, and pitching into an intense 48-hour weekend. This high-pressure environment provides participating teams with a unique opportunity to witness their ideas transform into tangible prototypes.

During the competition, teams will have access to a wide range of resources to assist them in creating their working prototypes. Expert technicians, comprising Make48 technicians, PPA students and staff, as well as selected sponsors, will offer guidance, access to tools, materials, and workspace. The collaborative effort ensures that each team receives the support needed to bring their ideas to fruition.

The Purdue Polytechnic Anderson event has received substantial support from sponsors. Companies and organizations, including Bankable, Ice Miller LLP, Reynolds Farm Equipment, and The DeBruce Foundation, are among the dedicated supporters who have contributed to the success of this unique competition.

Meet the Tool Techs

The Make48 event at Purdue Polytechnic Anderson boasts an impressive lineup of experienced tool technicians who will assist the participating teams. Some notable names include Brad Allred (Project Build Stuff), an expert in CAD/Epoxy, and Tyler Isaacs (Wooden Whiskers), a woodworking specialist who will serve as a lead tool tech. And returning for his second challenge is Aaron Brown from ShopBot Tools, a sponsor known for providing top-notch CNC expertise.

Season 6 winners, The Mavericks, comprising of Kelly Tuntland, Jason Tuntland, Tyler Tuntland, and Grant Venable, will transition from contestants to tool techs, offering support across various areas. Other tool techs include Ryan Brodbeck (Brodbeck Ironworks) and Brad Nightingale (marketing exec), as well as Paul Williams (Machyne Makerspace), who has experienced both sides of the competition.

Several tool techs will come from Purdue Polytechnic Anderson, including Jeff Heiking, Curt Grams, Drew Oakley, Kendall Leonhard, Caleb Stoeffler and Christy Tollett. Their expertise and affiliation with their esteemed institution will enhance the overall competition experience for the teams.

Once the product ideas are solidified, and the building process is underway, teams will also engage in marketing and pitching activities, showcasing their skills beyond just the invention process. This phase adds a crucial element to the competition, highlighting the teams' ability to effectively communicate and promote their inventions.

Follow the Action

Make sure to stay connected through social media to follow the progress of these inspiring young inventors as they bring their ideas to life.

For those interested in witnessing the teams and techs in action, Make48 encourages following @gomake48 on Instagram and Facebook for exclusive behind-the-scenes updates, allowing you to witness the journey of turning ideas into reality at Purdue Polytechnic Anderson.

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