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Cream & Concrete | Indianapolis Maker Kaitlan Vosler

Last year we came upon many of Indiana’s designers, innovators, and entrepreneurs at the Machyne-Make48 competition at 16 Tech, in downtown Indianapolis. Located within the innovation district, Machyne Makerspace is a collaborative environment with a prototyping lab, where artists can explore new opportunities in their own private studios. Their vibrant community is a perfect place to get hands-on.

One of their community members is Kaitlan Vosler. Kaitlan is the founder and artisan behind Cream & Concrete, a home decor shop featuring handmade concrete products and jewelry. See how her passion led her to create beautiful, simple, and clean cement decor.

How did you get the idea for your business, Cream & Concrete and when did you start?

The business started out as a need for a creative outlet. I loved crafting when I was young, so when I graduated college and had a 9-5, I would make things whenever I had the free time. In 2016, I started an Etsy shop to sell my creations (mostly to fund my crafts). I began with soaps and somehow that led me to work with concrete!

Your shop is located inside Machyne Makerspace. What made you decide to set up a business inside a makerspace?

When starting a small business you have to be flexible and solve problems. A makerspace seemed to be the best place for us to do that. The space makes it easy to try new things and experiment. It is also fun to be surrounded by other innovators and businesses!

What project or piece has meant the most to you and why?

Our first geometric vessel is my most meaningful piece. I had been experimenting with concrete for about a year but that particular piece helped me realize the potential for concrete and create my first real piece that I sold online and at markets.

What pieces are most popular on your website?

Our fire pits have been very popular this winter! It takes people by surprise when they realize how easy it is to have a fire indoors in a mini concrete fire pit.

What advice would you give to someone that wants to take their passion and turn it into a business?

Do it! There will always be a valid excuse to drag your feet. It will not be perfect right away, but I have learned that even by taking small steps it is realistic to turn your passion into a thriving business.

Support the maker community and visit Cream & Concrete's online store for a line of curated, beautiful handmade items

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