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Create Your Epoxy Project with TotalBoat

TotalBoat has turned boat restoration into a tool for anyone to use at home. Since 2012, the Bristol, Rhode Island company has created the most comprehensive lineup for marine repair solutions. What started out as a durable repair product line for boats and craftsmen, has grown to include a range of expert solutions for Makers under Jamestown Distributors. From seascape artists to DIY creators, TotalBoat has revolutionized epoxy resin, and has a product line that includes epoxy, resins, varnish, paint, adhesives, DIY Maker’s kits and even a MakerPoxy resin created with Jess Crow.

Make48 first began working closely with the leadership from TotalBoat on the Maker Series in 2020 with WORKBENCHcon. One of the events took place in Canyon Lake, Texas with makers April Wilkerson and Brandy Aubé to celebrate the life of River Kelly Smith. River, the son of country singer Granger Smith, passed away at 3 years old after a tragic drowning accident.

April and Brandy, with the help from TotalBoat’s leadership team, Kristin Browne and Mike Mills, created a breathtaking river table in 48 hours. The river table was created using TotalBoat and the finished piece was delivered to Granger and Amber Smith in Texas. Watch the full episode on our YouTube channel

At our Wichita and Indianapolis city events, Jess Crow created two original pieces for the Challenge Sponsors, Koch Industries and Eli Lilly & Company. Jess, who has her own epoxy line with TotalBoat called Makerpoxy, pushed the boundaries in Wichita and tried something new by creating 10 layers in 48 hours and allowed other makers to help finish it by building an amazing frame for the piece (Wichita YouTube episode). Indianapolis saw Jess create another beautiful piece for Eli Lilly, which has a great backstory to it (which we’ll share when the video is released!).

There has been a popularity boost of epoxy resin in woodworking with DIYers trying their hand at projects large and small. But if you’ve never worked with resin before where should you go? Lucky for first timers, TotalBoat has you covered.

In their blog, Which Epoxy Should I Use For My Project TotalBoat has helpful resources, whether you’re building something, fixing something, or making something creative. Jess Crow also teaches epoxy classes across the country and if you’re interested in learning the craft, I highly recommend taking a class!

TotalBoat has built their brand into a company you can trust and count on. From building relationships among local builders, makers and DIY enthusiasts to advice for you gleaned from years of extensive boat knowledge, the Jamestown Distributor product line has you covered for your next DIY project.

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