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Design Edge Re-Prototyping a Winning Idea | M48 Season 5

We had a great time filming with our mentors at Nationals. Matt Nuccio (President at Design Edge) and Dougal Grimes (Inventor Relations and Innovation at Spin Master Games and Activities) are a couple of toy experts and have years of experience. They have been helping the winning team redesign their prototype.

The Mallorys took home the big prize and are moving their product “Don’t Wet Your Pants” towards production. Design Edge took their #STEAMToy idea and redesigned it to be more marketable. Matt knows what toy companies want and his team set out to build a new prototype for the team.

In the last PBS episode, Time for a Wrap Up!, the new “Wet Your Pants” prototype was revealed. The plumbing game was outfitted with new materials, components and was fully functional. The team at Design Edge did an outstanding job! The finished prototype model is bright, fun and a perfect replication of The Mallory’s idea and the team was overjoyed with the new rendition. Their next step is taking the game to toy companies, like Spin Master, and getting them excited about this new idea. As far as appearing on store shelves, that will take some time and we will have an update on The Mallory’s game as it gets shown to companies around the country.

Before & After Prototypes. Photo Credit: Gregg Nowling

Matt Nuccio has an expansive background in toy development and inventions. He sits on the UIA (United Inventors Association) executive board, the largest inventor member organization in the US. The UIA is a 501c3 non-profit educational organization and supports nearly 100 affiliate inventor associations. The UIA team’s dedication of time and resources has enabled the UIA to remain the nation’s leading inventor education organization. Free to join, the UIA’s mission is to empower inventors through education, access, and advocacy.

Since so many of UIA’s members invent in different fields, Matt started putting together industry-specific boards to address the needs of each industry. First to be tested was the Toy Industry Advisory Board. According to Matt, the response has been fantastic. The UIA is already assembling additional boards in Hardware, Pet, Direct Response, and PGA Golf, among a few others. Those board members will be announced sometime in the next year.

On the Toy Advisory board, it’s a who’s who of inventor relations, toy trade associations and legal counsel. They include Angus Walker (Head of Inventor Relations and External Innovation for Hasbro), Dave Harris (Senior Director of Inventor Relations for Mattel and Fisher-Price), Trina McFarland (owner of TinkerTini), Scott Landsbaum (IP Attorney), Michael Sala (Lead design for Spin Master Dolls and Interactive), Kim Carcone (Executive Vice President, Global Markets Events for the Toy Association), Janice Ross (President of Women In Toys and Managing Partner for Brand Fresh Management), and Dougal Grimes (Inventor Relations and Innovation of Spin Master Games and Activities). [Mojo Nation]

Matt is passionate about helping new inventors and encouraging those newly in the toy industry. “Inventors are an important part of the toy industry. The industry is inventor reliant, but it’s a tough business to crack into. Outside inventors simply don’t understand the complexities. You’re competing with top-level invention companies…Companies that understand the business, and are building amazing prototypes and presentations. Since the pandemic, there has been an uptick in submissions from first-time inventors who simply aren’t prepared. They submit off-brand concepts from sell sheets or poor videos. They have no data to support their ideas and often they are misguided by third-party pay-to-play “advisor” gurus who teach them that it’s as simple as giving them a few steps and they’ll find success. The UIA wants to make sure that these inventors receive the right guidance from the right people for free.”

Matt Nuccio (2nd to left) caught up with UIA board members (past and present) at Nationals

Make48 interviewed Matt at Nationals (Design Edge with Matt Nuccio) where he spoke about his background in the toy industry and how Design Edge has become a design powerhouse and development agency for the past 30+ years. If you want to know how much Matt Nuccio means to the toy industry, this Thursday, November 17th People of Play’s Inventor & Innovation Conferences, will be roasting Matt. People of Play is the largest and longest running toy and game inventor conference in the world. The conference is back in person this year in Chicago, IL, with an extensive lineup of speakers and panels inside and outside the industry. POP Pub Night is popular with attendees and this year’s event, being held at Radio Flyer HQ on November 17th at 7:00pm, will have some extra laughs during the comedic Roast of Matt Nuccio by his peers. With Brian Turtle, Director of National Sales of Goliath Games, as Roastmaster and sponsored by Goliath, we’ll see how Matt handles comments from the likes of Michael Kohner of The Michael Kohner Corporation, Rich Mazel of Spin Master, Pete Greenley of G2 Inventions, Ellen Heaney of PlayMonster and Tom Rushton of Revenew Sales.

“I must admit that when I first agreed to be roasted it sounded fun,” said Matt Nuccio, President of Design Edge. “However, now I’m getting reports of roasters calling my kids, my ex-girlfriends and even my 5th grade teacher. In addition, I’m hearing that they’re trying to dig up some serious dirt… And to ALL of that I say, ‘BRING IT ON!’ I’m looking forward to a battle of wits. I also realize that quite possibly, there may be a few potential ‘career-ending moments’ that night. But hey, all in the name of FUN. And FUN is what it’s all about when you’re dealing with People of Play.”

It may have been the last episode of the season, but “Wet Your Pants” still has many chapters left. If you’re looking for a toy design company, look no further than Design Edge. The design house can transform an idea from concept to development and all the way to retail. If you want quality products, packaging, marketing strategies and advice on licensing, sales and distributions, Matt and his team is the place for you.

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