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Eco-Friendly Innovation in Schools with Make48

Updated: Jun 12

Innovation and sustainability are two buzzwords that are often seen in education circles today. At Make48, these topics are easily intertwined through the new Make48 Innovation Experience through the theme of innovating responsibly. As students are developing their prototypes and business plans, it is a simple task to encourage them to think critically about the materials and processes they use for creation, and to seek out sustainable alternatives where possible. 

Real-World Impact:

In some situations, the challenge itself is centered around the environment. In our recent Make48 competition with 3M at UW-Stout, teams were tasked with innovating new products to reuse and repurpose rainwater. Their ideas are ones that are applicable in a variety of settings, from urban to rural, with solutions that can address the difficult aspects of water conservation - a critical problem in today's environmental landscape.

Collaborative Learning and Career Insights:

Working on such projects, the Make48 Innovation Experience can help students not only learn about engineering and design but also about teamwork and the reality of careers in green technologies. By tackling real-world problems, they see firsthand how their choices can impact the environment and discover exciting career paths in sustainable industries.

By integrating environmental awareness into the classroom, teachers can help students’ grow into innovators who not only think about how to make things, but also about how their creations impact the world around them. This approach enriches their learning experience and prepares them to make meaningful contributions to society.

Interested in bringing a sustainable innovation challenge to your classroom? 

Learn more about how the Make48 Innovation Experience can help by completing this form; we’ll schedule a call to talk through how you can implement this exciting, authentic approach to education during the 2024-25 school year.

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