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Fast and Furious at GoCreate: Watch the 3-Minute Wichita 2021 Sizzle

GoCreate at Wichita State University, held an invention-competition called Make48. With the support of Koch Industries, and many businesses from the greater Wichita area, local creators were given a chance to compete at the 48-hour invention competition.

Make48 gave eight (8) local Wichita teams 48 hours to come up with an original idea, based on a Challenge, given by Koch Industries. The teams had to create a prototype, sales sheet, promotional video and then present their idea to a panel of judges at the John Bardo Center on the WSU campus.

The challenge for the teams was based around Sustainability at Home; a Water Challenge, where the teams had to develop a product to do more with less. Specifications included three areas: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

One winning team was chosen, but two teams are heading to Nationals in March. Influencers Izzy Swan, Jess Crow and Wes Lewis found a new role at Make48 called Tool Techs, where they used their master hands to work with the teams. Many tooling and tech companies including Textron Aviation, WSU, Spirit AeroSystems, Inc., Techam Solutions and V, Lang R&D had employees volunteer to be techs and members at GoCreate too.

Sponsors from around the greater community area including Koch, Textron Aviation, Dondlinger Construction and the Flint Hills Group created a supportive ecosystem for the event to be a success. Thank you to our hard-working cheerleaders, techs, mentors, volunteers, sponsors and our team members who managed to make this event a success! Enjoy this 3 minute sizzle created from the creative minds at Stellar Image Studios!

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