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Glass Blowing Class | Omaha, Nebraska

At Make48, we believe anyone can accomplish anything with the right tools and help along the way. Hot Shops Art Center believes the exact same thing. Nestled in the heart of Omaha, Nebraska's creative community, Hot Shops is a vibrant art space that offers a variety of classes, including the mesmerizing art of glass blowing. 

Diving into the world of glass blowing was an experience like no other. The moment I stepped into the studio, I knew I was in the most creative space in Omaha.

girl with hot molten as she glass blows
Courtney Rosenquist at Hot Shops Art Center

Under the guidance of a skilled instructor, Vickie Hughes, I embarked on this fiery adventure, starting with the basics of handling the blowpipe and gathering molten glass from the furnace.

Talk about heat, the furnace was 2,000 °F and boy could you feel it.

There are several steps that must happen to create a beautiful work of art. From manipulating the glass with tools to adding layers of color (I chose white, yellow and orange), each step unveiled the magic of transforming a molten blob into a delicate masterpiece.

The Hot Shops Art Center provided a nurturing environment where beginners like me felt encouraged to explore and push creative boundaries with hands-on guidance. 

In the class I took, we were tasked with making glass blown pumpkins. It was fun to see how the amount of air I blew into the glass shaped it into the size of the pumpkin I ended with. If you ever find yourself in Omaha, NE I highly recommend looking up Hot Shops and taking a class or two…you won’t regret it.

2 glass blown pumpkins

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