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Madison City Series 2021 Recap

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Badger nation had an influx of Makers from across the country last week. Our second stop in the City Series took place at the Madison community makerspace, The Bodgery.

The Bodgery is expanding their workshop to over 20,000 square feet! Mary and John and the team of volunteers and tool techs were incredibly excited and helpful throughout the 48 hours and beyond. If you’re in the Madison area, go take a look at their extensive selection of equipment.

As Make48 heads into cities, we want the community to take the same experiences we had at the makerspace as well. Thanks to Alliant Energy, they are donating 15 memberships back to the Bodgery! The 3-month memberships will be given back to the Madison community (at their discretion.)

The cornerstone of Make48 is dependent on sponsorship and boy did Wisconsin companies showup! Aprilaire and Harley Davidson supplied our tool techs for the event, and Harley is donating $750 worth of tools back to The Bodgery!

Outdoor Play was the challenge and there was so much play going on. The challenge sponsor, Midwest Prototyping, assembled an impressive design challenge and the teams took to the task immediately.

Inside and outside, the makerspace was brimming with ideas and building was taking place in all areas. From woodworking, to 3d printing, metal and textiles; the tool techs were busy helping the teams as well as building the trophies.

Flynn, Abbey, Charlotte and Brooks were our team of kid volunteers and were a big help testing the games and giving feedback to the teams. A first for Make48 was the quartet of judges who handed out the first ‘Kids Choice Award’, given to the team who they thought came up with the best game!

A big thank you to our Makers Caleb Harris, Brandy Aubé, Joanie Sprague, Anika Gandhi, Katie Freeman, and Jef and Jess from Two Moose Designs for making the trip to Madison and being a part of the Make48-Madison experience! And to our emcee Jay Flores who had never been to our event and handled it like an old pro!

Big kudos to our team of Tool Techs, including Stan, Travis, Chelsea, Jenny, Chris, Derek, Steve, Ken, Adam, Lennon, Rebecca, Justin, Juan, Kyle, Peter and William. The teamwork between all of you was something to be proud of.

Building the team's prototypes requires a lot of tools and we can't thank some of these companies enough for supporting the Madison City Series and sending us the tools for the teams including; The Restorer, ShopBot Tools, TotalBoat, Kreg Tool, Wagner, Lincoln Electric, Ofla, and Titebond.

We can’t wait for you to watch the highlight reel from the 48-hour competition in a few weeks. Winners will be announced in about 3 months, when the full video is released from Stellar Image Studios. In the meantime, follow us, our sponsors and ambassadors on social media to see what you missed.

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