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Make48 2022 City Competitions on YouTube | Episode 7: Kansas City, KS

The Make48 2022 City Competition journey reached its thrilling conclusion in Kansas City, Kansas, where the Kansas School for the Blind (KSSB) played host to six teams of visually impaired and legally blind students from Kansas and Missouri.

In this episode, innovation, entrepreneurship, and engagement took center stage as teams, led by passionate Team Captains representing various organizations, tackled the challenge theme of "Chickens In The Kitchen." The mission was to construct a working prototype for a Chicken Egg dispenser/holder that not only displayed but potentially dispensed farm-fresh chicken eggs.

Make48's collaboration with KSSB brought a unique dimension to the competition. The decision to host the challenge at KSSB's makerspace stemmed from shared goals and missions, particularly in the realms of accessibility, diversity, and inclusion. Superintendent Jon Harding and the board embraced the opportunity, allowing KSSB to host the 48-hour competition. With Make48's support, the event aimed to celebrate the potential and capabilities of students who are blind or have low vision across Kansas and Missouri.

Six dynamic teams represented Kansas City in this innovative challenge. The teams and their members included:

  1. 3 Chicks & A Dude: Yvonne Waitiki, Therese Marciniak, Braydn Graham with team captain Karita Matlock (Operation Breakthrough)

  2. Varicella (Nothing can resist us!): Liam Thurlby, Gabe Reyes-Gonzales, Isaac McBurney, with team captains Nick Privitera, Jonel Loreno and Liji Thomas (KC Blind All-Stars)

  3. Little Red Hens: Callie Dyches, Cecilia Leal, Lyra Thompson with team captain Mariah Presley (Trane)

  4. Noble Nuggets: Rich Yamamoto, Jimmy Lewis-Swain, Caleb Schlatter with team captain Matt Zimmerman (DeBruce Foundation)

  5. Wild Wings: Iris Chambers, Riley Warrick, Addie Bartels, Jetta King with team captain Dr. Christina Twardowski (Children’s Mercy)

  6. Intelleggtuals: Taylor Bailey, Hashim Syed, Patrick Wilson, and team captain Adam Smith (Wet & Forget)

The fate of the teams rested in the hands of the judges: Chris Carr (Blind Spot KC), Angie Viebrock (Farm Wife’s Table), and Chris Chapin (KCAI). After careful deliberation, one team emerged victorious and earned the opportunity to represent KSSB at the Nationals.

To witness the innovative ideas and teamwork in action, the full episode of the Kansas City, Kansas competition is available on Make48's YouTube channel. Follow this link to experience the excitement: [].

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