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Market Testing and Crowdfunding Launches with Will Ford

Will Ford is the Co-Founder of LaunchBoom, the world’s largest crowdfunding agency. Will has built multiple successful companies prior to LaunchBoom and shares some valuable knowledge on how inventors, startups, and small manufacturers can use smart testing before launching their product on Kickstarter or Indiegogo. In addition, how to use that testing for both marketing feedback and product development feedback.

Will also talks about the upcoming Crowdfunded Summit, a completely free online crowdfunding conference with over 20,000 attendees, a conference that Kevin Mako will also be speaking at on Oct. 5, 2021.

On this podcast you will hear them talk about:

  • Mitigating your crowdfunding risk by focusing on pre-launch testing

  • Using feedback from testing to make your product launch optimized

  • Using feedback from testing to improve your product prior to launch

  • The Free Crowdfunding Summit coming up Oct. 5, 2021

Episode Links:

Will Ford / LaunchBoom Links:

The Product Startup Podcast Links:

Mako Design Links:

Kevin Mako Links:

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