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Meet the Leadership at GoCreate Makerspace

Next month, Make48 will kick off their 2022 city event series at GoCreate. Last year we held our very first city event on the Wichita State University Innovation campus, and we couldn’t have done it without the help of their leadership, Kim McCollum and Ken Wiseman.

Kim McCollum and Ken Wiseman

Kim and Ken were instrumental in bringing Make48 to Wichita. Kim McCollum is the Assistant Director of GoCreate and Ken Wiseman is the Manager of the facilities. Together they run a Makerspace that’s open to people of all ages. Members have access to sophisticated equipment, training, workspaces and expert advice.

Kim is a marketing professional and entrepreneur, who is focused on boosting GoCreate’s image and growth. As a Director of GoCreate, she reaches out to the community to create opportunities for the organization and is a rockstar in developing and motivating others to create in the Wichita area. “Wichita has a rich history in innovation and Make48 is a perfect opportunity to celebrate and engage our diverse, creative, maker community,'' said Kim. “We are excited to provide resources and the collaborative space where creators of all ages and backgrounds can come together to make ideas become a reality.”

Kim McCollum with KWCH12 at GoCreate

As the Operations and Facility Manager of the premier makerspace, Ken Wiseman manages over $2 million of assets such as equipment and software. “I help with our STEAM/STEM programs and make sure all staff - from the mentors, student staff and staff - have the knowledge and tools to provide a successful experience for the members. When we talk about the student staff, my goal is to help them have real-world experience when they graduate along with getting their diploma. I navigate and promote innovation with our members, community and business community.”

During our 48-hour challenges, Ken is Make48’s lead Tool Tech. Ken oversees safety training regulations and protocols at GoCreate and has been a mentor to many. “At the heart of what I do is helping our members get to their own success and empower them to reach their potential. My goal is to always help members and the community to get to their success point while navigating all pain points along the way. I bridge the knowledge of GoCreate and all the possibilities, with community programs such as Envision, Boy Scouts and the local public library with project-based programs and knowledge base programs. I want everyone to feel that all things are possible with GoCreate and the connections at GoCreate at Wichita State University.”

Ken Wiseman with Wichita team, SuperVader

We love the energy and dedication Kim and Ken bring to our events. Last year, contestants had to come up with an idea surrounding water conservation for the Koch Industries challenge: Environmental Stewardship-Doing More With Less. Teams had just 48-hours to come up with an idea and the pitches were impressive. Many GoCreate mentors and members volunteered their time and energy to work with the teams during the 48-hour challenge. Watch what happened in Wichita 2021 HERE.

Tom Gray, Make48 CEO, looks forward to bringing the competition to the WSU campus. “Wichita has really stood out as a truely innovative community, with countless leading brands and leaders investing in the future. The city has a large number of recognizable companies (in aerospace, agricultural and chemical industries) with a large employment base, and I can see why Wichita has a bright and sustainable future.”

GoCreate is open to those of all ages and backgrounds who have an idea they want to see take flight. Koch Industries and the Fred and Mary Koch Foundation donated $3.75 million to provide membership and training assistance to qualifying applicants, as well as support for mentor fellowships. That gift and the GoCreate space are central to the mission of the WSU Innovation Campus — to be an essential educational, cultural and economic driver for Kansas and the greater public good.

The 18,000 square foot community makerspace features textiles, woodworking, metal studios, 3d printing, lasers and a supportive community to help make projects come to life. With many local companies and brands supporting the space for dreamers and doers, we can’t wait to go back for another 48-hour challenge.

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Patty Metz
Patty Metz
May 05, 2022

Where is the Director Ty Masterson? State Senate President Ty Masterson. He gets a $122k salary a year as Director of GoCreate. GoCreate is partially funded by Koch. And according to Reddit, Ty Masterson rarely shows up to work.

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