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Meet The Maker | Brandy Aubé

We first met Brandy Aubé during the YouTube Maker Series where Make48 raised awareness for three different charities. Brandy Aubé was invited by April Wilkerson in 2020 to help create a river table for the River Kelly Fund. River Kelly Smith, the son of Granger and Amber Smith, passed away at the age of 3 following a tragic drowning incident. April, a woodworking artist from Texas and Brandy, a welding fabricator from LaFayette, Louisiana built a timeless, breathtaking river table for the Smith family in just 48 hours.

Since 2020, Brandy has been a Tool Tech at a few Make48 events, including the first Madison (WI) event and most recently at the National competition in Kansas City, where she helped teams with all the welding and metalwork using the Lincoln Electric tools.

We like to call Brandy our “Cajun Welding Rockstar” because she is indeed a rockstar! Brandy also plays in a band, The Magnalites, a 70’s classic rock band with her sister and other family members. (visit their FB page here) Get to know Brandy, how she ended up being a maker and her experience at Make48.

Brandy Aubé

M48: When did your interest in making begin?

Brandy: I was always a "handy" kid. My mom used to have me fix things. I really began making more significant things in college and studied Industrial Design. That was 28 years ago!

M48: How did you get into welding?

Brandy: I began dating a college classmate of mine who had a welding machine and one day he asked me if I wanted to learn. I never looked back!

My dad is also a welder. Although he didn't teach me, I was around it, and got to see all of the cool things he built.

M48: What advice would you give to someone that wants to start being a Maker full time?

Brandy: Before you go full-time, develop your skills and build a reputation of doing great work. Establish a clientele and or customer base for your products. Ease into it or go part-time first.

M48: What was the biggest reason you wanted to join the tool techs at Make48 Nationals?

Brandy: This was my third Make48 event. I already knew what a great experience it is to be able to use my skills to help the teams.

M48: Best memory you took away from the experience at Nationals?

Brandy: I loved teaching Jimmy, the visually-impaired tool tech, to weld.

Brandy teaching Jimmy how to weld

M48: If you were on a team for a Make48 event, what 3 other makers would be on your team?

Brandy: I would choose my fellow tool techs Jimmy Diresta, and Priscilla and Luke Smith!

M48: Tell me what is going on in your world right now?

Brandy: Besides being a full-time maker, I just wrapped up a custom job. It was a set of two bar shelves with lighting wired inside. I also have an online shop of my own handmade products!

Shop at to see Brandy’s products or send her a message about her designs or any questions! And visit her on the socials at Instagram, YouTube Channel or

Brandy welding with Lincoln Electric

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