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Meet The Maker: Lindsay Zuelich

Name: Lindsay Zuelich

Biz name/website: Wood Brain

Hometown/Current town: Los Angeles, CA

Photo: Lindsay Zuelich

Lindsay Zuelich is an artistic woodworker who creates magic using her hands and created some magic for us in Hartford!

Raised by a single father who taught her the tools of the trade and how to use them, Lindsay grew up with the maker spirit. After graduating from FIDM (Fashion Design & Merchandising Los Angeles) she began working at Trader Joe’s painting signs, which led her to open her own business. You can find Wood Brain creating woodworking and epoxy projects on YouTube, Instagram, and listen to her talk workshop and other topics on the podcast, Makers Happy Hour with Craig Cowan (@TheBarefootForge).

How long have you been Making/a Maker and when did you become a content creator?

I’ve been a maker for as long as I can remember, I feel like it’s in my blood. I started creating content and taking it seriously around 5 years ago, and I started my YouTube channel a little over a year ago. It’s been fun evolving with the social platforms.

Photo: Lindsay at M48 Hartford

I was listening to your recent podcast about WORKBENCHcon and that’s really how you discovered the maker world and made many connections?

Yes, that was my first experience with the maker world after going to my first WORKBENCHCon. I’ve attended the last two events and will be attending in February. There’s so much to learn firsthand from the workshops and having in-depth conversations with makers face to face. The connections and friendships made are something very special in itself.

Do you have a specific or favorite medium you work with?

When I first started out it was mainly wood, hence the social media name @Wood_Brain, but as I’ve evolved as a creator, I am constantly trying to find ways to incorporate every media at some point into a project. So no, I don’t have a specific or favorite medium, I love learning more about them all.

Do you have a favorite piece you’ve made?

I made a self portrait out of wood veneer using five different exotic woods and it took me around four days to complete working on it nonstop. I absolutely love how it turned out and had never done a project like it before and haven’t done one like it since.


You were part of the tool tech crew in Hartford, helping teams build their prototypes at MakerspaceCT. What did you think about your first Make48 event?

I was blown away at how much was able to get accomplished and created in such a short amount of time. The MakerspaceCT in Hartford is stunning, and has every tool imaginable to create with, which was really exciting to see and experience firsthand.

What has being a maker and being in this community meant to you?

The feeling of knowing I’ve inspired somebody to use their own two hands to build and create with, because if I can do it you can do it!

Photo: Lindsay at MakerspaceCT

Hot Takes

One tool you couldn’t do without:


Maker who inspires you:

Any maker following their passion.

And lastly, what’s the longest you’ve stayed up to finish a project?

32 hours

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