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Milwaukee-Make48 Starts This Weekend | Meet The Tool Techs & Mentors

Our team arrived in Milwaukee today to set up for the 48-hour maker challenge at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD). Challenge sponsor Harley-Davidson has selected Interactive Outdoor Play as the theme, and the specific challenge details will not be revealed until the competition kicks off. The winning team will win $2,000 and advance to compete at 2023’s national competition!

Throughout the competition, expert technicians will help build participants' prototypes and have access to tools, materials, workspace, and guidance from the MIAD lab team. Tool Techs will be made up of Make48 technicians, MIAD mentors and selected Sponsors who have provided hands-on expertise.

Here are a few of the engineers, makers and entrepreneurs who will support the teams working in mediums such as metal work, textiles, woodworking, rapid prototyping, software design and much more. On top of having access to tools, materials, and a workspace, Participants will also be guided by mentors from a variety of Wisconsin industries.

The MIAD team, led by Marie, Jeffrey and Ben, will lead our tool techs and share their space with us for the next few days. Wisconsin's only four-year, independent art and design college has launched the professional careers of thousands of designers, entrepreneurs and creatives since 1974.

Harley-Davidson’s Roger Huffman will be a tool tech this weekend. Roger works full-time at HD’s power train operations, and is also a Fastenal metalworking specialist. He facilitates and supports manufacturing and project engineering (CAM) capital acquisition methodology at Harley-Davidson and works on a number of projects.

Roger has years of experience including; machinery (tool & die), aerospace, manufacturing, prototyping and mentoring young engineers.

Scott Oram will head to Milwaukee, WI from Whidbey Island, Washington for his first Make48 event! Scott, also known asDad It Yourself DIY, will be onsite to give teams a hand building their prototypes. A retired Navy veteran, Scott traveled the world in his 21-year career and served in the Naval Aviation community as a chief aviation structural mechanic (safety equipment) technician. A fan of Brad Rodriguez, Bob Claggett and Jimmy DiResta, Scott started hisYouTube channel in April of 2019 where he dives into home improvement, woodworking, landscaping, shop projects, tool reviews, etc. In 2020 Scott attended his first WORKBENCHCon and was hooked. He’s continued to grow his Maker brand where his true love is being in his shop.

A couple of our Tool Techs from Wichita will be heading up to Wisconsin. Stan Fernald and Tyler Isaacs are going to meet everyone on orientation night.

Stan has become Make48’s lead on the tech side. The owner of RetroDiode, Stan, is one of the best guys to ask any questions at our event. He’s been volunteering his time and energy since the first challenge event 7 years ago!

Tyler had his first tool tech experience in Hartford. He liked it so much that he’s hitting the road with us this summer!

An engineer at Blue Origin, Tyler is also the owner of Wooden Whiskers Trading Company where he creates custom woodworking home furnishings, cabinet build-ins and more. Tyler has quickly become part of the Make48 team and we’re happy to see him return.

We met Kyle Jansson at our Madison event last summer when he volunteered at The Bodgery. This year Kyle is returning to Make48 as a tool tech in Milwaukee. Kyle is a mechanical engineer and the Director of theUW-Milwaukee Prototyping Center.

UWM Prototyping provides product development, prototype creation, and fabrication services for businesses, researchers, and entrepreneurs from the Greater Milwaukee Area and abroad. His team works on multiple projects a year for companies and individuals. The team is happy to have Kyle return and use his skills at MIAD for the Harley-Davidson challenge.

PTC Onshape is back! Teams and tool techs will use Make48’s exclusive computer-aided design (CAD) tool,PTC’s Onshape®.

Teams will be able to access their documents from anywhere, on any device, eliminating the data risks associated with file-based CAD software and accelerating time to market. There’s alot to finish in 48 hours, and the advantage of using PTC Onshape is that everyone will be working together and getting their parts created will be a breeze.

Fastenal will be on hand to assist the teams. The largest fastener distributor in North America hails from Winona, Minnesota. They help lots of organizations secure their supply chains, and it’s possible due to their great team around the globe. Fastenal is a sponsor of the City Series, and a group of Fastenal team members will be onsite to help build the prototypes.

Airgas will return to work with the crew in a new city. Airgas is the leading single-source supplier of gas, welding equipment & supplies, and safety products and has become one of the largest U.S. distribution networks in the packaged gas industry. Representatives Josh and Royce took on the 48-hours in Wichita, but in Milwaukee we’ll see a few new faces.

Ultimaker is back at Make48! Ultimaker is one of the worldwide leading experts in 3D printing and has shaped the way for the prototype world. Applications Engineer, Luis Rodriguiz has worked for Ultimaker for many years, and has been a Tool Tech with Make48 since the first season. We’re thrilled to see both Ultimaker and Luis lending a hand with 3D printing.

Matterhackers is going to head to Milwaukee this weekend for their first event. It's a first for both Matterhackers and Joel Gordon, their Senior Solutions Specialist. Matterhackers provides the largest variety of industry-leading 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC mills, accessories, and materials. Joel has been a technician, an artist, designer, and fabricator and was the co-founder and Executive Director of Arkansas’s first Makerspace, The Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub. Joel will be a great asset to the teams this weekend.

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