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Onshape Engineers Create Prototypes In 48 Hours

A few weeks ago we announced OnShape as our exclusive computer-aided design (CAD) tool and we were thrilled to see their engineers assist teams with their 3D prototypes over the weekend, for the filming of Season 5.

Onshape combines CAD with data management and real-time collaboration tools, enabling engineers and manufacturers to improve their design processes to make better and more innovative products. Designers and engineers can access their documents from anywhere, on any device, eliminating the data risks associated with file-based CAD software and accelerating time to market.

Read more about Make48’s selection here Make48 + Onshape

Using their platform helped the tool techs and contestants communicate their ideas quickly, while going from a 3D model to a physical prototype in 48 hours. “The main advantage of Onshape is that it does not require a fancy expensive computer to run," Travis remarked. "Simply open a browser on any computer or install the app on a mobile device, and the user is up and running."

Thank you to the Onshape volunteers; Gaby, Greg, Teighlor and the CAD team who helped teams create their inventions at GoCreate Makerspace in the span of two days.

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