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Season 7 Make48 Nationals: Airs June 5th on This Old House Makers Channel

Kansas City, MO, USA, May 13, 2024 - Make48 invites viewers to watch the Season 7 Nationals, premiering on June 5th, 2024, at 9 PM/EST (8 pm/cst) on the This Old House Makers Channel (Roku Channel #458)

Meet the Contestants:

From the corridors of Kansas, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Arkansas, 8 diverse teams repeated the 48-hour competition to tackle an inspiring challenge related to Tiny Homes for the chronically homeless. Tom Gray, Make48 co-founder and CEO, reflected on the participants who competed at the competition, “(We had) A stellar lineup of contestants with diverse backgrounds and skill sets. It's always a proud moment to see not just one, but two visually-impaired teams competing alongside our other deserving individuals.”

Let's meet the remarkable teams ready to represent their hometowns and showcase their creativity and ingenuity.

  • DNAwesome: Svetlana Ehlers, Richie Tienter, Ava Winters, led by team captain Nick Privitera.

  • Nuts & Bolts: Ben Webster, Mara Hug, Kate Engle, with team captains Nich Musselman and Matticus Hunt.

Anderson, Indiana (Purdue Polytechnic-Anderson)

  • Not Fast, Just Furious: Leyda Garcia-Martinez, Ashley Jeronimo, Jazmine Morgan, and Allison Rios, led by team captains Joshua Dillard and David Perrel.

  • Randy’s Rascals: Sam Barr, Max Barr, Kaden Key, and Kase Clevenger, with team captain Randy England.

Beloit, Wisconsin (The Lincoln Academy)

  • Purple Knights: Moises Guerrero Sandoval, Dulce Figueroa, and Brooklyn Watkins, led by team captain Ray Watkins.

  • It’s Classified: Nathan Wilder, Kelby Schneider, and Katherine Woodard, led by team captain Erik Rozolis.

Bentonville, Arkansas (NorthWest Arkansas Community College)

  • The Golden Eagles: Allyson Brown, James Smith, Colby Richardson, and Shanteé Enitencio Quinn.

  • The Delta School: Cameron Buckley, Hannah Buckley, Haskel Schaffer, and John Nielsen.

The Challenge: Tiny Homes|Tackling Homelessness with Innovation

The challenge posed to these creative minds was no ordinary one. The Pulaski County community, along with Errin Stanger, sought solutions to address homelessness. Their vision encompassed the creation of a Tiny Village called Providence Park, providing permanent and sustainable housing within a supportive community environment. The emphasis was not only on shelter but also on fostering dignity through work opportunities, access to medical and mental health services, and a sense of belonging.

Teams faced the task of creating a physical prototype for the Tiny Village, incorporating innovative solutions to specific challenges, such as storage, cleanliness, combatting loneliness, and caring for pets. The weekend unfolded with mentors guiding the teams, helping transform their ideas into tangible prototypes.

The Innovation Hub’s Director, Errin Stanger, "It was an honor to watch the creativity and focus of each contestant around this unique challenge. Each team embraced the challenge with thoughtfulness and their prototypes were incredible! Thank you Make48 and all of the contestants for being on this journey with us to provide a supportive environment for our chronically homeless in Arkansas."

After 48 hours, a panel of judges listened to the team's pitches and determined a winner. Kevin Mako (President of Mako Design + Invent.); Clare Graham (Director at Malvern Hot Springs County Library) and Dr. Rick Barker (Director of Technical Sciences and Advanced Manufacturing at The University of Arkansas - Pulaski Technical College) had the difficult job of choosing the National winners.

Watching the newest season of Make48 is easy! Just follow these steps.

Stay connected to our social channels for more news and updates. Let’s get ready to embrace the spirit of creativity and competition!


About Make48

Make48 is a nationwide invention-competition docuseries that gives teams a challenge at the start of a two-day event. With just 48 hours, teams must create a prototype, promotional video, and sales sheet, and present their idea to a panel of judges. The teams have access to a makerspace and numerous Tool Techs that can make almost anything, patent attorneys, marketing experts, and more. This format allows everyone to have a level playing field and the chance to win, with no prior technical knowledge necessary. 

Make48 Media Contact:

Cassandra Muñoz


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