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Skilled KC | Helping Those Who Want to Learn Skills in a Growing Industry

Updated: May 13

Skilled KC Technical Institute is serving the Kansas City-area by providing quality training for in-demand careers and giving students the opportunity to get good paying jobs in months, not years.

Offering three different training pathways, each pathway has their own location for training (final arrangements are in progress for the three locations, which has been complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic).

All three pathways have local companies who are seeking skilled, diverse talent in — Advanced Manufacturing, Software Development and Biotechnology.

  • Advanced Manufacturing training pathway uses hands-on skills. They train in areas such as electricity, welding, robotics, and other technology to improve the way we construct products, both large like a wind turbine and small like a smartphone.

  • Software Development teaches coding literacy and fundamentals with real-world experience. With the program students will learn to analyze, design, develop, test and modify computer applications and databases.

  • Biotechnology trains skills in biotech principles and lab techniques. Students will explore lab protocols, including safety and accuracy, bioethical implications, cell culture techniques and more.

In its first year, Skilled KC is tuition free for students, generously underwritten by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. Their organization will work with students to identify scholarship and grant funds to offset any costs associated with Skilled KC in the future.

The goal of their involvement in the postsecondary education is to ensure that Kansas City’s population has the postsecondary credentials necessary to meet regional workforce needs.

Locations will be convenient to public transportation and Skilled KC will work with students to help ensure transportation isn’t a barrier to enrollment and completion of the training. The training programs last just five to six months in length, allowing students to get in, get trained and get hired quickly.

Make48 is currently creating a 10-step Curriculum, based on our concept, with Skilled KC and Valor Manufacturing. The content will be entry-level and the steps will consist of videos, starring some local talent from Make48! The curriculum will encompass the early stages of prototyping and beyond with the steps of innovation in-between.

Steps will include everything from brainstorming to licensing and includes different technologies to build your prototype. Skilled KC will have the curriculum available to all their students, and ultimately it will be available to anyone that simply wants to learn about innovation.

Skilled KC training is opening doors with their training programs. If you’re ready for a change or a new career path visit their website

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