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The Kansas State School For The Blind Sizzle Release

Updated: Apr 29

Dive into our exclusive sizzle reel, showcasing the exhilarating moments from the third Make48 regional event of 2024, hosted by the Kansas State School for The Blind in the heart of Kansas City, Kansas.

Watch the Sizzle Reel Here!

Six courageous visually impaired teams from across the nation embarked on a fascinating 48-hour journey in Kansas City to compete in the KCBAS challenge. Despite visual impairment, these high school teams hailing from California, Texas, Maryland, Indiana, New Mexico, and Washington demonstrated boundless creativity, determination, and inventiveness. From the hardware run at Westlake Ace Hardware, to being interviewed by local news outlets, to the final moments of the competition, the KSSB event epitomized the spirit of innovation and unity. 

Behind every riveting moment were the Make48 Tool Techs, the dedicated leadership and staff of KSSB, volunteers, and chaperones from visiting schools, alongside the incredible team captains, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

Among the many highlights, was the VIP dinner hosted by Blind Spot. Blind Spot is a Kansas City organization whose intentions are to foster empathy, understanding, and awareness for the visually blind. By experiencing a taste of life without sight, the guests were able to recognize the importance of other senses and gain a profound understanding of the challenges faced by the students.

The spotlight was turned to the teams on the final night. With a big prize pool, they pitched their prototypes and marketing videos to the judges. A very hard decision was made, and the WSSB Lions earned the honor of representing KSSB, their high school, and the state of Washington on the national stage in Kansas City this November!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors, including KCBAS, Blind Spot, Orcam, Healthy Blue Kansas, Wet & Forget, MTI Events, KC Eye Clinic, Kadean Construction, DeBruce Foundation, Westlake Ace Hardware, Nanopac, Westinghouse, Arcos Media and our national product supporters whose generous contributions helped bring the competition to life. Together, we're building a more inclusive and compassionate world. Let's continue to ignite creativity and inspire innovation!

Stay Tuned

As the excitement continues to build, keep an eye on Make48 for updates about when the full episodes of the event will be released. Viewers can catch the action on the This Old House Makers Channel followed by YouTube. For more thrilling highlights from the city regional competitions, head over to Make48's YouTube channel.  Don't forget to hit that subscribe button to stay updated on all developments in the world of Make48. 

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