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The Triumph of Innovation: BocceRoll™ It Started With A Winning Idea

Have you welcomed the BocceRoll™ into your gaming arsenal yet? This highly anticipated Kickstarter sensation is now bringing the victorious prototype to doorsteps nationwide, courtesy of Well Played WI.

BocceRoll set

Picture this: the creative crucible of the 2021 Make48 Madison event, where teams were challenged to create an innovative outdoor game for 2-4 players. From this emerged a dynamic quartet - Ben, Claude, Nikki, and Zach - seizing victory and earning their spotlight in Season 5.

Enter Well Played WI, a powerhouse team comprising engineers, designers, and manufacturers, united by a passion for quality fun. Their ethos? Embrace healthy competition, cultivate irresistible entertainment, and champion quality craftsmanship and thoughtful design.

Girl with BocceRoll set

BocceRoll™ isn't just another game; it's the brainchild of four Make48 alumni now proudly stepping onto the global stage. This ingenious fusion of bocce ball and skee ball promises a breath of fresh air, delivering an exhilarating outdoor experience like never before.

But what sets BocceRoll™ apart isn't just its novelty; it's a reinvented classic that masterfully blends the essence of bocce ball and skee ball, offering a thrilling outdoor adventure for players of all ages. Get ready to immerse yourself in a game that strikes the perfect balance between strategy and skill, destined to become the next beloved addition to America's backyard lineup.

Founder Updates 

In a recent interview with Nikki Hageman and Zach Huber, we delved into the latest developments:

M48: How many Kickstarter orders have been fulfilled? 

Well Played WI: Over 1400 Kickstarter orders have been fulfilled, surpassing expectations and establishing a vibrant community of supportive customers.


M48: For those who missed the Kickstarter, will BocceRoll™ be available to the public? 

Well Played WI: Yes! We are in-stock now and able to ship in 1-2 days. We expect to sell through our current inventory before spring and will be getting our next shipment in May.

BocceRoll brand new


M48: Are you surprised by the Kickstarter support? 

Well Played WI: Honestly, yes. We are so grateful for the Kickstarter campaign success, we not only exceeded our goal by over $100k, but we also established an awesome community of super supportive customers.

M48: What are your company’s future aspirations or targets?

Well Played WI: Looking ahead, we have a set of aspirations we’d like to reach. We would love to sell 5k units in 2024 as well as get into retail and various other eCommerce platforms. Establish a constant flow of content on social media platforms and potentially launch some aftermarket products to further expand the gameplay.

M48: What has been your biggest challenge with the BocceRoll™ so far? 

Well Played WI: Gosh, it’s hard to zero in on a single greatest challenge. Overall, it’s been a huge learning experience launching a product and establishing a brand presence. One of our biggest focuses has been working with our supplier to ensure that the product can be manufactured easily, while also maintaining the level of quality that is so important to all of us. 

Logistics of fulfillment and distribution has also been one of our bigger challenges, figuring it out with over 1400 orders all at once was a little overwhelming. That said, we are on the right track now and it’s much easier now that we’ve gotten through the initial order.


M48: What has driven your team to go the next/extra steps? 

Well Played WI: We are all super dedicated to making sure BocceRoll™ is a hit and our customers are happy. We see so much potential for BocceRoll™ in the outdoor play market and can’t wait to see it really take off!

Ball rolling onto BocceRoll
Have you tried BocceRoll™?

Join the BocceRoll™ Community

Stay in the loop with the latest updates by following BocceRoll™ on Instagram here. Become part of the community and share your excitement for this groundbreaking game that's set to redefine outdoor entertainment. BocceRoll™ – where innovation meets recreation! 

Pick up your set at and save $10 now! (promo:MAKE48-SAVE10) To stay updated with the latest news and developments, make sure to follow BocceRoll™ on their Instagram page at Join the community and share your excitement for this innovative game.

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