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Welcome Beloit Teams Competing At Lincoln Academy

The spirit of innovation is alive in Wisconsin! Make48 held a casting call in Beloit, Wisconsin and teams from around the area showed up to Irontek to try their hand at the 48-hour invention competition.

Open to all ages, backgrounds and skill levels alike, Make48 is a nationwide, invention-competition docuseries that gives teams a challenge at the start of a two-day event. The first-place winning teams of the Beloit series will move forward to the Nationals in 2023, and will be filmed as Season 6.

With just 48 hours, teams must create a prototype, a 1-minute video and sales sheet, then present their idea to a panel of judges. The teams will have access to the makerspace and Tool Techs that can build almost anything, thus allowing everyone to have a level playing field and the chance to win.

Now Meet Your Teams!

The Gents

Sebastian, Khader, Michael and Jorden grew up together and have always been fascinated in engineering. They figured it'd be a great way to gain experience and exposure for the future. The group plan to and WILL pursue the world of engineering after high school!

Mighty Lions

The all female team is excited to showcase their creativity. Meet Hanna, Kemoria, Kalyn and Ciata, the Mighty Lions! Over the last year, they have accepted challenges and tried new things to further themselves in career exploration, character development, and rigorous academics. They believe this would be a great opportunity to put their problem solving skills to the test.

Full STEAM Ahead!

Nolan, Eric, Mitch and Tami are all STEAM instructors at Turner Middle/High School. They love to tinker & create things and want to compete to show students what engineering looks like in action. Welcome to Make48 Full STEAM Ahead!

The Macho Quatro

This next team met at Beloit College. Ishan, Miles, Prabal and Jalen met at CELEB, a program at Beloit college. The team heard about Make48 from Brian Morello, and it seemed to them like a great challenge and opportunity. Welcome The Macho Quatro!


Welcome Kyle, Logan, Joe and Jon to Make48. Kyle is the facility manager at The Lincoln Academy and his son Logan is a seventh grade student at The Lincoln Academy. Joe is a maintenance manager at Collins Aerospace and Jon owns an architect firm. Joe, Jon and Kyle have been close friends and have worked together on projects before. Team JumpStart enjoy creating things and can’t wait to represent The Lincoln Academy.

Rock River Dinners

Eric, Sydney, Joshua and Aleksander are a group of passionate students from all over the country, brought together from small towns to big cities alike by Beloit college. Despite varying in both leisurely and academic interests, they enjoy collaborating and sharing ideas with one another. They also have a fondness for cooking and sharing meals with each other: hence the team name Rock River Dinners.


Amrish, Todd, Shaan and Dustin form Team DSAT and their families enjoy spending time together. Tinkerers at heart the dads are excited to put their ideas together and make something in a time frame only Dad's can dream of.

Team 404

Shoumika, Abhishek, Hamna and Abhey are undergrad students at Beloit College. They’re ready to compete and have combined their individualistic expertise for this competition. Team 404 are confident that they can produce a model that will stand out as they learn from the entire experience.

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