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Help Make48 launch amazing competitions.

Make48 is Coming to Town

With community and education a central theme to Make48's success, its foundational institution is the Career Pathways Series competitions.  In each competition, Make48 will bring together Universities, High Schools, Local Innovators and Corporate Partners to pit eight teams against each other in good spirited competition.  Everyone has big ideas.  We give them the tools to make them a reality.  

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Make48 Builds Ecosystems

Make48 started and continues as the world’s largest televised invention competition. Built on the principles of collaboration and community, Make48 starts from the ground up by creating an innovation ecosystem, leveraging local universities, makerspaces, and corporations to bring the community alive through innovation.  We are bringing programming and competitions to some of the nation's most innovative cities & universities in 2024.  We work with a number of world-class brands - and hope you can be part of the conversation!  If you don't see something you need - Our team can customize all partnerships to meet your needs. 

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