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Outdoor Play

Challenge yourself in a fast-paced innovation competition, hosted at The Bodgery!

Make48 is a 48-hour competition where teams are given a challenge, must build a physical prototype, sales sheet, and a 1-minute marketing video, and then pitch it to judges. The twist is that we have tool technicians and access to a Makerspace full of equipment and tools to help the teams build almost anything their imaginations can come up with to solve the challenge.  Collaboration is the key to success. First place team wins $2000 and advances to the nationals in March 2022.

Everyone has big ideas, but only some have the skills either physically or digitally to make a prototype. To build anything you need collaboration, often many different materials and various pieces of equipment to finish a product. Make48 allows this process to be achieved under a timed, fun, fast-moving, and educational event!


The Bodgery is part of a growing movement of people gathering together to make, build, hack, create, and repair things. Imagine a space where knitters and welders hang out over pizza, talking about their latest projects and lending an extra pair of hands when needed.  Where a creative mind can walk in with one skill and a year later have more than they can count. 

Midwest prototyping is a leading force in the rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing industry, integrating advanced 3d printing technologies and dedicated customer service to provide innovative, quality solutions to companies of all sizes and scale. Midwest Prototyping offers stereolithography, laser sintering, digital light synthesis, multi-jet fusion, fused filament fabrication, urethane casting, CNC machining, finishing and assembly, allowing us to take your part designs and make them reality.

Event Date: August 12-14, 2021


Team Application

We're seeking diverse teams to compete in Madison - The spirit of innovation is a part of all of us!  If selected from the applications, you will be required to attend a Casting Call on the morning of June 19th at The Bodgery.   First place team wins $2000 and advances to the nationals in March 2022. Team applications are now CLOSED.



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Tool-Tech Tech Application

The heart of this competition is collaboration. Provide your talents during this event as a Tool-Tech.



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The energy of these events is contagious. Don't want to compete but would love to help?


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