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A Cut Above the Rest | OLFA Cutting Tools

We’ve fallen for this rotary cutter and utility knife company. OLFA® introduced the world’s first snap-off cutter in 1956, transforming how contractors, painters and DIYers work. Yoshio Okada, the founder of OLFA Corporation, invented and patented this knife after getting inspiration from a bar of chocolate! “Olfa No. 1” revolutionized efficiency in the professional trades. Rather than having the traditional two edges of a trapezoid blade, the snap-off blade offers up to 13 fresh edges to stay sharp and efficient through even the toughest jobs.

In 1979, Mr. Okada also invented the first rotary cutter and it revolutionized how people cut fabric by switching them from using scissors to rolling a circular blade over the material. Today OLFA’s diverse tool lines are used around the world, created with quality materials designed to bring the highest degree of craftsmanship.

Makers were able to use OLFA’s tools throughout Make48’s city series and fell in love with their products. Ethan Carter used an OLFA rotary cutter at the Hartford event and became obsessed with it. At the event in Madison, makers used OLFA’s knives and rotary cutters to cut artificial turf for the teams' presentations, create the kids' trophy, etc. and in Indianapolis teams had a variety of cutting tools to choose from. OLFA remarked, “OLFA is excited to partner with Make48 to bring more awareness to the Maker Space. For many years, OLFA cutting tools have been the foundation of projects, creations, and builds throughout the world. OLFA North America continues to invest in events and programs that support creative and professional skill development.”

If you’re new to OLFA products visit their product line here and let them guide you on which product is best for your needs. OLFA organize their diverse line into three craftsmanship categories –

  • Professional-grade OLFA tools fall under the construction, maintenance repair/operations and speciality categories. These tools are ideal for commercial solutions like extra heavy duty utility knives, scrapers, cutting mats and much more.

  • Craft OLFA tools are perfect for DIY projects including; art, paper crafting, quilting, sewing or anything that require precise and intricate work. Their rotary cutters are perfect for a wide variety of projects, plus art knives, rulers, rotary knives and scissors.

  • Under OLFA Safety tools comes three types of knives (fully-automatic, semi-automatic and concealed) and food safety knives with features specifically designed for the food industry.

Developed and manufactured in Japan, OLFA is proud of the unwavering commitment to quality that goes into every product it makes. OFLA took the simple concept further and enhanced the quality of the blade and ergonomically designed the grip to ensure the user with confidence that they have a high quality OLFA cutting tool within their grip.

Backed by a legion of all-star professionals (ie: Lucas D’Angelo and Ethan Abramson) and craft experts from a variety of disciplines, OLFA has multiple articles on how-to use their tools. With so many great high quality tools, and designed for multiple purposes, OLFA cutting tools are an indispensable asset to have in your tool box. Visit to learn more about the best made cutting tools and products.

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