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Beloit, Wisconsin Teams Competing At Make48 | Hosted By The Lincoln Academy

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Beloit, Wisconsin teams are returning to participate in Make48, where 8 teams will come up with innovative inventions within a 48-hour time frame. Students, entrepreneurs, and creatives from the Rock County area and beyond are joining forces to showcase their talent and creativity.

Alliant Energy will call the challenge, where they’ll have 2 days to build a brand new idea. Visit the official Make48 website and learn more about the Beloit event for more details at

Good luck to all the teams from Beloit, Wisconsin, and may they have a successful and inspiring experience at Make48!

Now Meet Your TEAMS!

Lion Lollapalooza

Dustin Springer, Sarah McKillips, Theo Felger and Madison Flanagan are TLA scholars who are excited to represent their school!

Lion Lollapalooza

Lion Lollapalooza is a team of scholars from the Lincoln Academy in Beloit WI. Joining them for the first time is their brand new Technology Education teacher. The first lesson will be competing in the Make 48 event. It has yet to be determined if the teacher will be teaching the scholars, or will the scholars give their new teacher a lesson on being a Lincoln Lion?

The #Lawmen

Meet the team that work together at the Beloit Police Dept! Andre Sayles, Daniel Molland, Christopher Eberhardt and Laurie Hazeltine.

Team The Lawmen
The Lawmen

We thought this would be a fun weekend adventure to share together and an opportunity to learn more about each other & ourselves. We all enjoy a challenge, so this seems like a great way to flex skills we may not use on an everyday basis at work, and hopefully discover new ones.

Terrific Tradesmen

Aaron Wood, Ben Tufano, Frank Baroni and Mason Musil are a creative & innovative team of construction workers.

Team Terrific Tradesmen
Terrific Tradesmen

We are composed of 3 CCI associates and a student. Our team enjoys a challenge and creating solutions.

Purple Knights

Students Ray Watkins, Moises Guerrero Sandoval, Dulce Figueroa and Brooklyn Watkins are coming from Beloit Memorial High School.

Team Purple Knights
Purple Knights

Our team members have known each other since early middle school years. This will be an excellent opportunity for us to get exposure and learn more about the engineering field.

608 Accelerate

Mikal Cooks, Kenda Roman, Cassandra Smith and Isaiah Johnson are members of

Rock Co. Jumpstart!

Team 608 Accelerate
608 Accelerate

We are a team of black business owners who are all members of Rock Co. Jumpstart, a business incubator and accelerator for black business owners. We want to compete because this competition is very different from anything we've ever done before.


Dave Richter-O'Connell, Jewel Fredrickson, Matthew Miller and Sam Bachofen are creatives from UW Stout

Team Stout-of-this-World

All team members are part of the Industrial & Product Design Department at UW Stout. Dave is an Associate Professor and Jewel, Matt, and Sam are students within the program.

2 teams from Turtle Tek Robotics will be competing at Beloit! Working with First Robotics has prepared these kids to communicate and collaborate with one another.

The first team is Three Seniors and A Stick! Bob Abele, Loretta Woodard, Xavier Miller and Garrett Schneider will combine their skills this weekend.

Team Three Seniors and A Stick
Three Seniors and A Stick

Turtle Tek’s 2nd team is It's Classified! The team who will journey together are; Erik Rozolis, Nathan Wilder, Kelby Schneider, and Katherine Woodard.

Team It's Classified
It's Classified

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