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Expanding Career Pathways With DeBruce Foundation

We're curious about the impact of experiences like Make48 in helping people explore the world of invention and entrepreneurship. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the Kansas City nonprofit organization, The DeBruce Foundation.

The DeBruce Foundation is passionate about helping people better understand their strengths and interests, so they can use that information to explore potential careers and expand their opportunities. They have provided free solutions, such as the Agile Work Profiler, that positively impact the way we look for, prepare for, and pursue careers. . By monitoring how individuals make gains through their initiatives, The DeBruce Foundation gains insight on how people might become agile in the face of an ever-changing world of work.

“The Agile Work Profiler is an online survey for individuals to discover their strengths and interests and how those line up with work activities,” said Dr. Leigh Anne Taylor Knight, who serves as the executive director and chief operating officer for The Debruce Foundation. “It is a great first step toward career literacy, which can help them set up for long-term success.”

Make48 is a collaborative innovator and maker challenge, designed from a core belief: “Everyone has a great idea.” Working with entrepreneurs and innovators from all walks of life at our invention-competition in just 48 hours, many individuals find a new skill or two they want to learn.

Dr. Leigh Anne Taylor Knight and Ann Zimmerman attended the maker challenge in Madison and spoke to our guests at a special VIP event. They loved seeing the collaboration between the teams and tool techs, and believe that experiences like Make48 can allow people to use and grow their skills, or Agilities, int any job in the economy.

Teams, guests, and even our influencers took them up on the free assessment to see their strongest Agilities. Due to our unique events, many who participate at our competitions explore things that they may not have experienced before. These skills have real value in the marketplace and making that connection is at the heart of the Agile Work Profiler.

Knowing your Agilites can help you explore career paths, build your current career, or pivot to a completely new one! The free assessment takes about 10 min. First, discover your strengths and interests. Next, learn about different careers. Then, map out your next steps.

When you take the Agile Work Profiler, you will receive a ranked list of your Agilities which reflect both what you are best at, and what you enjoy doing.

The DeBruce Foundation analyzed data from the The Bureau of Labor Statistics and used advanced estimation techniques to regroup it into clusters of work activities they called “Agilities.” Here is a list of Agilities used in every job in the US Economy:

  • Developing Others

  • Innovating

  • Inspecting

  • Judging and Estimating

  • Managing

  • Operating Objects

  • Organizing

  • Selling and Communicating

  • Serving and Caring

  • Working with Information

The DeBruce Foundation,entrepreneurs, and innovators from all walks of life had a blast at Make48 in Madison, WI. In just 48 hours, teams developed their great idea and made it reality — all while using their Agilities! So what are you waiting for? We did ours!

Here are our Make48 team members' top 3 agilities…..

Cassandra: Innovating, Organizing, and Selling & Communicating

Courtney: Serving & Caring, Innovating, and Organizing

Ben: Innovating, Operating Objects, and Selling & Communicating

Amy: Organizing, Developing Others, and Serving & Caring

Katie: Selling & Communicating, Managing, and Developing Others

Tom: Organizing, Innovating, and Operating Objects

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