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From Idea to Reality: The Success Story of PitPerfect by My 3 Sons

Updated: Jun 12

In 2021, a team named My 3 Sons captivated the judges and audience at the Make48-Hartford competition. Ron and his three sons, Tim, Dan, and Jeff, embarked on a journey to create an innovative product under the theme “Outdoor Lifestyle.” This theme, set by Stanley Black & Decker, challenged participants to develop a prototype in categories like ultimate outdoor audio, back patio entertainment, solar home solutions, or back patio lighting.

At MakerspaceCT, My 3 Sons introduced their visionary product, the ZipPit—a portable fire pit. Their determination and creativity earned them a spot at the Nationals in Wichita, Kansas, for Season 5 of Make48. Fast forward to today, My 3 Sons have transformed their prototype into a market-ready product, now known as PitPerfect. 

What is PitPerfect?

This portable fire pit lets you enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a campfire wherever you go. Whether you’re roasting marshmallows, singing campfire songs, or simply relaxing with friends, PitPerfect is the perfect companion for any outdoor adventure.

Its modular interlocking design allows for quick setup and collapse, and it includes a durable carrying case for convenient storage and transport. This collapsible fire pit stands 16 inches high with a top diameter of 24 inches when set up, and it fits into a standard-sized backpack, making it ideal for RVs, camping, townhouses, tailgates, and beaches. Unlike gas fire pits, PitPerfect uses wood logs, offering a natural and authentic fire experience that is safe and eco-friendly.

Ron, Tim, Dan, and Jeff's story is one of creativity, innovation, and family bonding. Their journey from a Make48 competition to having a product available for purchase online is a testament to their hard work and dedication. Today, PitPerfect stands as a symbol of their success, inviting everyone to experience the magic of a portable fire pit that combines quality, ease of use, and compact portability.

Inventors of the PitPerfect at a make48 event
Ron, Tim, Dan, and Jeff (My 3 Sons) with Tom and Amy Gray | 2021 Hartford Competition

Step into the World of PitPerfect

PitPerfect isn't just a product; it’s an experience born out of a family's vision. It’s proudly American-made, embodying the spirit of innovation and practicality. With PitPerfect, setting up a cozy campfire has never been easier or more convenient.

Order your PitPerfect today and embrace the joy of outdoor living with the ultimate portable fire pit.

Buy It Now: PitPerfect

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Watch on YouTube: PitPerfect Videos

PitPerfect: The perfect portable fire pit for all your outdoor adventures.

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