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How Students Start Successful Hardware Businesses With Scott Evans, Director of Inventionworks

Kevin Mako talks to Scott Evans, the Director of Inventionworks at the University of Texas, just a few blocks away from their Mako Design + Invent office in Austin, Texas. Inventionworks is a 23,000 square foot product design and development facility with lots of fun machines and a team of 40 experts to help get student inventions off the ground. In addition, Scott has spent 25 years in the prototyping and product manufacturing industry.

On the Product Startup (Episode 102) Scott shares some advice on how student inventors and startups can start their invention idea journey. Plus, how to maximize the value of what colleges and universities have to offer. Today isn’t just about students, but also how anyone in the industry can get involved with their local schools both to help and to learn from them.

Today you will hear them talk about:

  • Looking around campus (student to student, faculty, entrepreneurial programs)

  • Product development in combination with an entrepreneurial mindset

  • How people in the community can be helpful for universities hardware incubators

  • Continuous learning, regress back to the role of a student to learn

  • Bluring the lines between education and professional practice


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