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Make48 Competition Coming To UW-STOUT

UW-STOUT is gearing up to host its very own Make48 competition starting on October 27. In a competition that combines the fusion of creativity, innovation, and education. The event will

feature six high school teams from across west central Wisconsin that will compete in UW-

Stout’s FabLab to tackle a mystery challenge all within the span of a single weekend! The teams will be supported by UW-Stout students as part of their applied learning experience. UW- Stout Students trained to operate the equipment in the FABLAB will provide direct fabrication support, while students from the Video Production program, will be documenting the event, and students from the Industrial Design program will be providing CAD design.

Katie Cappozzo, head of strategic partnerships Make48, helped bring Make48 to UW-Stout.

“Make48 is thrilled to be holding our first Career Pathways Event at UW- Stout. High school

teams from surrounding communities will be competing with the help of UW- Stout students

who will be acting as tool techs to help the teams build their prototype. With the help of the 3M Menomonie Plant as the event challenge sponsor, we are looking forward to the exciting

innovation that comes out of this event!”

3M Menomonie has been an active supporter of UW Stout’s polytechnic offerings and have

made it a priority to invest in innovative community programs that help make the future brighter for everyone. Team members will come from the surrounding counties including Eau Claire County, Polk County, Chippewa County, Dunn County, Clark County and St. Croix County. Each team is being sponsored by a local industry and the corresponding county economic development corporation. See more about the UW-Stout competition at

UW-Stout: Wisconsin’s Polytechnic University

University of Wisconsin-Stout, Wisconsin’s Polytechnic University, combines applied learning

and research, business and industry collaboration with career-focused experiences to prepare

tomorrow’s workforce leaders for the future of business, industry, education, the arts and more.

With 99.4% employed within six months of graduation, its graduates do more on day one.

Through progressive real-world experiences, Stout students engage business and industry

partners on and off campus as early as their first semester through project-based learning, paid internships, field work and practical research. Students are exposed to hands-on learning in the university’s labs and studios, which outnumber traditional classrooms by 3:1. The polytechnic approach allow Stout students to graduate into meaningful careers supported by two of the largest college career conferences in the Midwest.

The forthcoming Make48 competition at UW-Stout is a “testament to the university’s dedication to fostering innovation, applied ‘hands-on learning’ and collaboration to address real-world problems” stated Seth Hudson, Executive Director of Corporate Relations, and Economic Engagement. UW-Stout continues to blaze a trail in education, creating a lasting impact on its students, community, and the state’s economy. Stay tuned for the exciting developments that will undoubtedly emerge from this dynamic polytechnic powerhouse.

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