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Making a Product Video for your Invention: With Taylor Ryan, CEO of Klint Marketing

Taylor Ryan is the founder of Klint Marketing, a mid-size marketing company that has worked with many consumer product companies, both large and small. Taylor, originally from Washington DC, now living in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a six-time startup founder himself, with 13 years of digital marketing experience. Taylor has built and run the digital marketing departments of some of Denmark’s fastest-growing startups.

In this week’s episode, Taylor will share some valuable knowledge on how inventors, startups, and small manufacturers should use video to showcase their hardware invention, and some best practices when creating your first product showcase video.

Today you will hear Taylor and Kevin talk about:

  • What, why, and how for an invention explainer video.

  • The importance of a physical consumer product video.

  • Highlighting the founder, team, story, etc.

  • The first few seconds of your product video.

  • The value of using an invention video for getting to market.


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