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Making in Hartford with the Influencers

Meet the six Makers from across the country who will help the teams in Hartford when we hold the next 48 hour challenge at MakerspaceCT from October 7-9, 2021.

Andrew Klein

Meet Colorado-based woodworker and inventor Andrew Klein. A few of his inventions include the Twin Turbo Vise, the FKA Wood Whisperer Thread Taps and the Miter Fold Dado set (sold at Rockler). A patent holder of various different woodworking related inventions, Andy has a wide range of workshop content, ideas and products to inspire any woodworking enthusiast to create on his Instagram and YouTube page. Fun Fact: The workshop that Andrew is pictured in was a workbench he built for Adam Savage. See here

Lindsay Zuelich

Lindsay Zuelich is a Calfornia native who makes magic with her hands. A maker, artist, builder, diy-er and tool nerd; Lindsay is a woodworker who can be found on her YouTube channel and Instagram page, Wood Brain.

Ethan Carter

Ethan Carter is a self-taught Maker, designer and content creator of Ethan Carter Designs. Ethan is always trying to learn and work with new mediums and techniques. Check out his how-to videos whose current work has been focused on leather making and woodworking and be sure to follow on Instagram.

Whitney Manney

Whitney Manney is a fashion & textile designer from Kansas City. A previous tool tech in Season 4, Whitney creates ready-to-wear clothing and accessories inspired by the aesthetics of street art and the effects of cultural movements on the current urban landscape. Find her amazing collection on Instagram and on her W/M Facebook page with JOANN Fabrics & Crafts.

Lucas Mann D'Angelo

Lucas Mann D'Angelo is a talented wood and metal fabricator as well as a vintage tool enthusiast. Find him on Instagram as well as on ClubHouse on In The Shop, where like-minded makers talk about all things shop related; including techniques, tools, various forms of making and the makers that use them. Watch LIVE on Instagram @InTheShop every Thursday night @ 9pm est.

Andrea Fandetti

Andrea Fandetti, better known as, Crafts with Dre is an epoxy resin artist and a brand ambassador for TotalBoat, CrowCreekDesigns and Makerpoxy. Dre has been making things since middle school and hasn’t stopped! You can find Dre alongside Lucas at In The Shop on ClubHouse or IG.

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